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Comment Re:When will he be arrested? (Score 1) 666

In Virginia, speed over 90mph is automatically classified as reckless driving (and the punishment can exceed the punishment for DUI). I don't know if any of the states he did go through have similar laws.

In Ohio, 20 over the posted limit is reckless driving, but it is up to the police officer. My last speeding ticket was 48 in a 25. While I received two points, I was not cited for reckless driving. My last ticket was "failure to control" because I hydroplaned and totaled my car, traveling 55 in a 70 in heavy rain. It also incurred two points, but was not reckless driving. Typically in Ohio, cops give reckless driving citations in conjunction with something like a DUI, running from police, hitting a pedestrian or stationary object, or a judge may tack on the charge if the law allows it and the officer did not already cite it.

Comment Re:Also consider equilibrium. (Score 3, Interesting) 666

I understand that, but suppose an average person driving is an average car down the highway at highway speeds. Imagine two scenarios. One, that average driver is hit by someone traveling 10-15 MPH faster. Two, that same average driver is hit by someone traveling 50 MPH faster. Let's speculate. Both vehicles will suffer some kind of adverse effects (e.g., tire damage, suspension, drivers position causing incorrect input, drivers reacting incorrectly and creating incorrect input) on their attitudes. Losing attitude control at highway speeds is almost always catastrophic. Either way, the drivers are fucked. On the bright, the higher speed collision is more likely to result in death rather than agonizing and debilitating disfigurement.

I learned this physics lesson quite well when I hyrdroplaned at 55 MPH in July 2013 and hit the leading edge of a guardrail rear first. Thankfully the impact pushed me INTO my seat, and I was alone in the car (an hour earlier I had my children with me). The sheer force of spinning and rapidly decelerating knocked me the fuck out. I remember a loud "metal grinding" sound that was my rear bumper folding up and demolishing 20 feet of guardrail, and I remember spinning. Then I woke up at the bottom of a ditch.

Ever since I have been more careful (not not a pussy) while driving in the rain. I measure my tires' tread depth on a regular basis. That is one experience I never want to repeat again. And that was at 55 MPH (in a 70 zone). If I were hit by an assclown going twice my speed even on dry pavement? That is four times the force. Four times the pain, four times the brain scrambling in a spin. I may write software for a living, but I respect physics.

Comment Re:Hooray! (Score 1) 116

It doesn't matter as manufacturers ignore it. HDMI has a standard called CEC that they are supposed to follow. Well none do. 90% of all video equipment do not adhere to the CEC standard making it impossible to have full control of a SONY bluray player from a Panasonic TV even though they are supposed to.

The only way to do it is a central processor with lots of IO that does translations and control with scripting. That or get Congress to pass a law that all Consumer electronics must follow a specific protocol and command set or they can not be sold inside the USA.

And that will never happen.

Comment He needs to learn more.... (Score 3, Informative) 116

"Marshall Rose, one of the creators of the SNMP protocol, has a beef with current home automation gadgets: it's very, very difficult to get them to talk to each other, and you often end up needing a pile of remote controls to operate them."

I have 1 remote to control every gadget in the house including sonos. It's called Crestron, but AMX can do it as well (The toy stuff called Control 4 can not)
He really needs to learn more about integration because there have been solutions out there for decades.

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