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Comment Re:Hooray! (Score 1) 116

It doesn't matter as manufacturers ignore it. HDMI has a standard called CEC that they are supposed to follow. Well none do. 90% of all video equipment do not adhere to the CEC standard making it impossible to have full control of a SONY bluray player from a Panasonic TV even though they are supposed to.

The only way to do it is a central processor with lots of IO that does translations and control with scripting. That or get Congress to pass a law that all Consumer electronics must follow a specific protocol and command set or they can not be sold inside the USA.

And that will never happen.

Comment He needs to learn more.... (Score 3, Informative) 116

"Marshall Rose, one of the creators of the SNMP protocol, has a beef with current home automation gadgets: it's very, very difficult to get them to talk to each other, and you often end up needing a pile of remote controls to operate them."

I have 1 remote to control every gadget in the house including sonos. It's called Crestron, but AMX can do it as well (The toy stuff called Control 4 can not)
He really needs to learn more about integration because there have been solutions out there for decades.

Comment Re:And there's a whole series of comments at Ars.. (Score 1) 245

Certainly not in the miniscule space that is left over in a Bios chip. A lot of the claims he makes are based on things that cant exist. You dont have a ton of space in the bios flash left over after the bios is loaded, and the virus cant completely replace the bios and work for any motherboard, Hell even the open source bios guys have problems writing a public bios that works on more than a very tiny handfull of motherboards.

So the virus needs to be written by an expert that knows how every single computer ever designed will work and it compensates for every single chipset in existence in every configuration..

The fact the article does not give out ANY details at all makes it highly fishy. Not even details on the computers them selves such as what bios, what chipset, what motherboard make and model, etc....

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