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Comment Nope 45killed in 1927 school, no guns used. (Score 4, Informative) 2987
guy blew up a school over taxes.. no guns
169 guns
3000 killed.. no guns..

Yep.. some more laws will make us safe!!

Comment HFC is already everywhere. (Score 2) 76

HFC CATV systems are already everywhere. All comcast has done is buy up local cable companies and upgrade the active equipment. No need to replace the millions of miles of plant out there. DOCSIS3.0 doesn't know the difference between coax from the 1970's or 2012. Most homes are wired for CATV and already have a coax drop running to the street. All comcast has to do it plug them in.

FiOS has to build out from scratch. They have all the labor costs in trenching or hanging the fiber to the house. They have to deal with getting right-a-ways and such. Also splicing fiber is alot more labor intensive then just popping an F-connector on to the end of some rg6.

The cable co makes money back on a sub after a month or 2. VZN has to wait YEARS for payback. If they cancel or switch after a short time then that means they just LOST money. Thats why they are bailing on FiOS. There is quicker money to be made elsewhere.

Comment Air gap. (Score 1) 454

Don't waste your time with filtering. It will just make the kids want to see the "blocked" sites more. Anything you do a kid can get around in no time. If the kids are under 18 then it should be the parents call on whether they are on FB or not. The teachers can surf on their own time OFF the clock.

Just put the modem in a locked closet or the principals office with an on/off switch. When you need to get online to download software or access some educational site you can turn it on just for that.

There is a lot of great content and features on Facebook,

Oh my sides. Please! Stop!

and its a great way to stay in contact with friends

This doesn't need to be done in class or at work.

Comment Long live the coco! (Score 1) 231

My 1st computer was a TRS-80 Color computer 2. I still own it and its still in use hooked to a Tandy "Plug 'n Power" X10 controler. It runs some outside lights and the attic fans. As long as it keeps working i have no real reason to ever replace it. It just sits in the basement doing its job year after year.

I also have another CoCo2 hooked up to my bigscreen and DriveWire4 in the living room. Every once in a while I'll fire it up and play some MicroChess or Bedlam.

Believe it or not there is actually a small but active community of TRS-80 coco users. The Drivewire project is pretty active ( ) and so is the coco mailing list ( ). Cloud9 is still in business coming up with cool new hardware and support services. ( )

Comment Re:The ISS seems to be in a area of lax copyright (Score 1) 247

And I don't think they run windows and I don't think Hollywood likes a very open media server with out a direct internet link.

They have windows powered thinkpads on the station. Your link mentions them. They talk about virus updates and having to reflash the drives. Pictures of them are easy to find.

Also I'm pretty sure hollywood and the media companies are the ones providing the movies to NASA. I don't think there is some NASA pc running bittorrent and forwarding the downloads to the ISS.

Comment simple steps. (Score 1) 212

First off I would upgrade the factory alternator wiring. Just hook a heavy gauge wire from the B+ post on the alternator and run that strait to the "+" terminal on the battery. This by passes the undersized factory wiring and stock alternator gauge. Install an after market volt gauge in the van so you can keep an eye on the voltage level when parked.

Second I would install at least a 2nd battery(deepcycle marine) with a battery isolator. If your going to put them inside the van and not under the hood make sure you install them in a sealed and outside vented battery box. Batteries give off explosive gases and thats not something you want in your van.

Third, make sure you size your inverters correctly. They are most efficient near their rated capacity. Running a 200watt load on a 5K watt inverter is a total waste because most of the power is going to be used powering the electronics inside the inverter. Only buy inverters you can find the efficiency charts for. You may be better off running a few smaller ones that you could switch on as power is needed rather then running one big 5,000 watt inverter just to run a playstation and small TV.

And fuses.. Fuses everywhere. Would suck to have your ride go up in flames.

Comment Hot gloves. (Score 1) 376

Even the lowest end of hot gloves are safe at 110/220.

There are 2 levels of power on the poles in most places. The high voltage at the top (primary) and the lower voltage (secondary) down lower. This is what feeds the houses. As long as you don't cause a short there isnt much danger if your careful. Just look at the rampant power theft that goes on in Mexico and India. They don't even have hot gloves and get away with it often.

Clipping some power leads on to a 110 line isn't that big of a deal as long as you know what you are doing.

Comment The boy that cried wolf. (Score 1, Interesting) 1181

It's not surprising that people are becoming skeptical of GW. If you rewind 10-15 years they where saying the Statue of Liberty would be underwater by now. There would be palm tree's growing in Alaska. The equator would be on fire.. etc. Well none of that stuff has happened.

I don't deny climate change at all. But the way our governments are going about the issue is totally flawed. They over regulate everything to death in the US/EU pushing industry to places like China and India where there is zero regulation. That gizmo is still going to get built. Is it going to be built in a clean US/EU factory or in China where they just dump the waste in to the river? Its all the same planet.

Any effort to regulate emissions is pointless unless its adapted across the board by all the major nations. Until then it just looks like another shady way for some governments to control and tax their people.

Comment Never thought it was my Springfield... (Score 1) 148

I thought, 'This will be cool; everyone will think it's their Springfield.' And they do.

Mine is Springfield, Massachusetts.. I knew it had nothing to do with the one on the show. The TV "Springfield" is way to nice to be the one in Massachusetts.. Not nearly enough stabbings or hobo's on the TV show to be my Springfield. :-/

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