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Comment the circle of pork (Score 4, Insightful) 381

1) Comcast/ATT/Cablevision/COX/etc all get their lobbyists push for this in the bill.
2) The Gub-ment pays these mega corps billions to build out in the mountains.
3) The people in these areas now have "access" to broadband... for only $79/month.
4) They don't sign up... Comcast/ATT/cablevision/etc don't care. They already made $300K per house passed in the build out already.

Comment Re:Troll (Score 1) 577

I am a "consumer". I care about how useful a product is, not how rich it makes the guy a buy it from.

And who cares what you care about. The decision to kill off OSX is not yours.

Apple isn't going to kill off OSX because it makes them a good profit.

If your imac is the same as your ipad then why have both?
Do you think apple would rather sell you one ithing or 2 or 3 ithings?


Comment Out of state plates & non-US plates. (Score 4, Insightful) 349

And how about all the people who don't update their registration when they move? Rental cars?

And what do you do if the bill isn't paid? Suspend the registration? Cali can't do that to out of state plates or plates from Canada/Mexico.

I wonder if the added bureaucracy and paperwork for collections is going to nullify the gains they make by not collecting at the bridge.

Comment Isn't this the point? (Score 1, Insightful) 228

"siphoned off around $38 million..."
Isn't this the whole point? To just siphon off money for nothing?

So I own a coal power plant. I trade some cash for CREDITS from some cleaner nation instead of cleaning up my plant.
What are these nations giving in exchange for the cash? A promise to not cut down a tree? A promise to NOT build a factory in their nation? How does one produce and sell credits on this market? My business doesn't produce any pollution so we should have tons of credits to sell.

Comment Re:Looking in the wrong direction (Score 2, Insightful) 338

Rolling up to the scrap yard is with some old knob and tube copper wiring would seem legit...
Rolling up to the scrap yard with some newish 250 pair aerial phone wire with AT&T logo's on the side and all does not.

I scrap things all the time in my auto hobby. I think its kinda easy to spot the things that may be stolen.. Like where does a guy with meth rash and no teeth come across 7 good looking saws-alled off catalitic converters? Or car batteries with the terminals just ripped off? Or radiators that arnt even corroded looking?

The scrap yards know alot of the stuff they take in is stolen. They just don't care.
All they would have to do with scan ID's and roll some video tape if they wanted to stop it.

Comment So /, (Score 1) 322

So how about it /.?

I see alot of posts criticizing the implementation of this "Dead Drop" system.

Anyone else here have a better idea?

Maybe some super cheap hacked routers with open wifi and ftpd?
Or how about a blue-tooth device cemented in the sidewalk?

I live near NYC... i think it would be cool to come up with a "off the grid" sneakernet..

Comment Have you tryed... (Score 4, Insightful) 366

Have you tried the "Not giving a fuck" method?
It makes life much simpler...

Do you have a personal wiki, a blog, or maybe a series of tablet based notes, or voice recordings"

What? Your a student. Not a CEO. If you have so much data and photo's that it requires a database and a wiki to keep track of then its probably not making your life any better.
Try spending some time enjoying life rather then organizing and documenting it.

Comment Skynet (Score 2, Funny) 170

The SkyNet funding bill is passed.
  The system goes online on August 4th, 2017.
  Human decisions are removed from strategic defense.
  SkyNet begins to learn at a geometric rate.
  It becomes self-aware at 2:14am Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.
  And, Skynet fights back...and goes for the cheese.

Comment Wow.. i feel old. (Score 2, Insightful) 186

Even though the web of today offers so much more I still sometimes miss the times of BBSes.. My old Laser Turbo XT was great "online" with its CGA color screen,st-225 HD, and 2400bps Hayes modem. Beautiful 80x24 ANSI art..

I used to play Falcons Eye, Planets TEOS, and BRE.. I never really got in to LoRD.

I forget which game it was but one of them used to reset your turns at 12am so it was a rush at midnight to be the 1st one in on the single line BBS to get a jump on everyone else. One of them (I think BRE?) used to pit BBS vs BBS. The game would dial the other systems at night to sync up all the moves and data.


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