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Comment Re:Active glasses? (Score 1) 419

What about people with only one eye? The polarized glasses make it possible for those individuals to still view the movie, though in plain 2D.

I don't know much about the technology, but does the alternating eye thing have a distorted picture on the TV? If so then there are many people who won't be able to take part in the experience.

All this it to me is another way for cable companies to charge another 5 dollars a month for "premium" content, and then another 5 dollars a month for a special cable box to watch it (explain that). And don't think for a second that the 5 dollars a month for HD programming will go away.

I can't wait for the Comcast NBC deal to go through. Yet another way for content to be filtered and charged for.

Something is broken.

Comment Re:Sounds like a standard system to me (Score 1) 863

Yea, I've got nothing. I live in Chicago, and I'm pretty happy with the new system. It was fubar'ed a bit during the initial transition, but all that is smoothed out from what I know. The pay stations are just about everywhere and by walking back and forth you lose a grand total of about 30 seconds.

This commentary is a joke. Wait in line to pay? I've never waited. And if you're in such a hurry that walking to and from your car makes you late, then be responsible and leave 2 min. earlier.

If anything it is super convenient since you can use your credit card to pay for parking. The only real downside is you cannot leave time on the meter so others (or you) don't have to pay. Though if I have a bunch of time left I usually ask someone parking around me if they want my stub. It doesn't track what car the paper is for, so if there is time left someone else can use it just fine.

*shrug* Some people just fear change.

Comment Re:Before we tag this as a bad idea... (Score 1) 1088

Yea, but the farmer's vote wouldn't matter anymore.

Under this provision, if the big metro-areas vote one way, with the typical unwavering support from the other areas that go strictly by ticket and boom, we have a president.

It'll be funny when 70% of Iowa votes one way, but their state counts for the other guy...

Comment Re:One way to get more registered voters (Score 1) 1088

Not at all. If the popular vote is all that matters then the top 10 metropolitan areas would become "the battleground". NY, LA, San Fran, Chicago, etc... These would be the areas that determine the president. Rural areas and states would get ignored.

Being from Chicago, it would be nice to have my vote count again...

Comment Why is MS the only one being blasted here? (Score 2, Insightful) 803

Agreed, what MS is doing is TERRIBLE!

That said, if this was the other way around. Some 3rd party software installing something into / on top of some other software, people would be screaming of security holes and blasting MS or whoever for their shoddy software.

So where are the folks calling out FF for allowing this to happen?

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