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Comment expensive OCR operation (Score 1) 209

Almost sounds like this would require a lot of venture capital to pull off and should warrant far more than a 50k prize.

For large jobs, I can using air blowing conveyor belts to align and feed the scraps into a series of modified industrial sheet fed image scanners and allow a computer to itemize each of the images and convert them to OCR formatted files. Once completed, write a puzzle algorithm to piece them together electronically.

Comment Re:OCZ (Score 1) 128

We all survived the 18GB Deathstar and avoided Fujitsu's sudden death syndrome and it further proves most have had their fair share of failures at one time or another. The only ones I cannot recall any fault with were Quantum and later Maxtor drives. I loved my Fireball and Atlas drives!

Comment Re:How long until... (Score 2) 128

SSD's must meet or surpass all of your mentioned categories and overall capacity limits before Magnetic HDD's are cast the way of the floppy disk drive. Even then, look at how long it took to get rid of the floppy disk drive:

Beginning of end for Floppy Disk Drive: 1998 with a CD-ROM drive but no floppy drive
End of the Floppy Disk Drive: 2009 Hewlett-Packard, the last supplier, stopped supplying Floppy Disk Drives on all systems

It could be stated that the HDD is more entwined in technology than the FDD was and so it may be more well more than 11 years before we see Magnetic HDD's disappear from the consumer marketplace.

Comment Re:OCZ (Score 2) 128

OCZ's reliability record is in no way different to any other Data Storage Manufacturer past or present.

Seagate's recent 1TB woes: ST31000340AS
Western Digital's recent woes: Caviar Green EARS 1.0TB and 1.5TB SATA

Going further back, anyone who's been around in IT for a decade or longer recalls the old Micropolis 9GB drive failures that sent the company into bankruptcy. In any case, OCZ is a relatively good company and a notable innovator of SSD technology and I personally find most of their products to be just as reliable as any other in the same category.

Comment Re:Pointless eye candy (Score 2) 246

Yes, these "features" appear to be rather annoying flare rather than actually increasing productivity and usefulness.

Then again, I'm still not a fan of anything touch capacitive and only marginally tolerate touch resistive displays... Even if it means getting a crappier device, I'll take physical buttons and a QWERTY keyboard on a phone any day as I just feel more productive and less error prone having them.

Comment Agent Ransack (Score 1) 951

When Microsoft hosed their search utility in Windows 7, it was programs like Agent Ransack that came to the rescue for people such as me who HATE the Microsoft Indexing Service and horrid search engine in Windows 7.

Citing this as an example, I am willing to bet that other tools, perhaps the revival of Windows/Total Commander level tools will emerge post Windows 8 that will assist us "geezers" to maintain a similar level of keyboard shortcuts without Point-Click to achieve the same objective.

Remember, Microsoft doesn't listen to the people who service or administrate said systems, they listen to the masses who bring them the most money, the consumer.

Comment More 9's falling from the sky? (Score 1) 189

We have all read about the difficulty and expense of providing reliability in the cloud (the so-called five nines) as well as the fact that as more popular web services rely on cloud platforms, the more people rely on those services. As such, I cannot help but wonder what kind of fallout will happen after this latest event, but I do get the feeling that this "Lightening strike" may erode the vCloud marketing of 5x9's uptime just a wee bit more.

Comment Re:Fuel? No. (Score 1) 208

Jupiter has a mass of 1.8986×1027 kg, making it the largest body next to the Sun in our Solar System. So, why not take a stroll over there to see what kind of antimatter rings it has? THEN we might be able to talk about future fuel extraction (assuming we can even travel that reach on a regular basis without it taking 6 years, like it took Galileo).

Comment Re:I will go a different direction (Score 1) 696

The debt ceiling is directly related to the problem of endless borrowing and spending of both parties. Capitol Hill understands that it would be better to default, pay higher interest rates on borrowed money, in an attempt to slow down overall spending because it will cost more to do.

Defaulting is the best option because future borrowing costs would soar, forcing the govt to immediately begin to live within its means. Yes it means gloom, despair, and agony on all of us for an indeterminate period of time. Better that that implosion of the US when we can no longer use the dollar to buy imports because no one will accept it. When that happens you will wish we HAD defaulted.

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