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Comment Re:LulzSec Connection (Score 1) 622

I think you just hit the nail on the head! Either...

1) Someone in LulzSec stole this dude's wallet
2) Someone in LulzSec fabricated the whole story (most likely, IMO)
3) The thief stole the BC and "donated" it to LulzSec in a bizarro Robin Hood-esque gesture
4) The pastebin is fake or something


Submission + - Dancing in the datacentre (prank) (

An anonymous reader writes: What if you walked into your datacentre on a normal day, and disco music started playing, neon lights turned on, and a mirror ball started rotating? That's exactly what happened to Simon Hackett, the managing director of Australian internet service provider Internode. Looks like he made some comments about such a situation at some point and his network engineering team took them a little seriously. Classic. Video attached — his reaction is priceless.

Comment Re:No HSPA+ (Score 1) 202

I'd recommend waiting for the inevitable flood of phone announcements next month at CES. Dual-core phones are coming _soon_.

Yup, that's the fall-back plan. Verizon should announce their LTE (dual-core?) phones then, and my g/f has been bugging me to join her on Big Red for a while. Verizon is evil, but T-Mo is getting lame...


Icelandic Company Designs Human Pylons 142

Lanxon writes "An architecture and design firm called Choi+Shine has submitted a design for the Icelandic High-Voltage Electrical Pylon International Design Competition which proposes giant human-shaped pylons carrying electricity cables across the country's landscape, reports Wired. The enormous figures would only require slight alterations to existing pylon designs, says the firm, which was awarded an Honorable mention for its design by the competition's judging board. It also won an award from the Boston Society of Architects Unbuilt Architecture competition."

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