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Feed Note To Self: Don't Store Top Secret Military Data In Porn Folder (

While the US gov't may have trouble keeping track of important computers with sensitive information, there's just something extra special about the way top secret information leaks in Japan. There were, of course, the nuclear secrets leaked via a file sharing program, after an outside contractor was allowed to use his personal computer to store the documents. The latest seems almost as bizarre. Apparently top secret information on Aegis destroyers were passed among a few petty officers in Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force, after one such officer copied the porn directory from a colleague's computer. This raises all sorts of questions, but the biggest one has to be: what person thinks that they'll hide top secret military documents in a porn folder and assume that that's the least likely place that people will end up looking?
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Submission + - Comcast Weans Hogs Off Their Packet Teat

eldavojohn writes: "The telecommunications giant Comcast has severed its services to internet hogs who use more bandwidth than others. From the article, "Carreiro said he received a message from a Comcast Security Assurance representative in December, who warned him that he was hogging too much of the company's bandwidth and needed to cut down. When Carreiro contacted customer service about the call, they had no idea what he was talking about and suggested it was a prank phone call. Unconvinced, Carreiro contacted Comcast several more times, but was again told there was no problem. A month later, he woke up to a dead Internet connection. Customer service directed him to the Security Assurance division, which Carreiro said informed him he would now be without service for one year." This is quite alarming to me, considering that I am forced into using a particular ISP based on some deal my neighborhood made many years before I moved here."

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