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Comment Re:"Apple not a Producer" - really? (Score 0, Flamebait) 542

I find the patent activities Apple is engaging in absurd and evil....snip....the solution is not to boycott Apple

The ghost of the reality distortion is stronger in this one than any I have seen.

BEHOLD! We have found a host for or lord. The time for revivification is upon us.


Comment Re:% before the numbers? (Score -1) 135

its 54%, not %54

1) Actually, in written English, when space is not constrained you should write the word percent.

2) Perhaps the submitter is a non-native English speaker & the convention for their native language is to place the symbol before the number (Some middle eastern countries do this).

get a brain morans

You're criticizing a minor style error, when you can't capitalize or spell?

Comment Re:Wheel Of Time (Score 2) 647

WoT is a short little series you should be able to finish on the flight.

Back when I was a teenager, a 'friend' of mine gave me the first three books of WoT.

"Read this," sez he, "It's a great trilogy, I love the way it wraps up so quickly in the last book, so much better than other fantasies that don't really finish the story"


Comment Re:Well... (Score 5, Insightful) 590

restraining orders usually cover things like physical distance and direct communication. writing about her doesn't seem like a problem unless it was specified in the restraining order. he should be in the clear if he isn't slandering.

From TFA:

On December 22, Arlotta consented to entry of a six-month HRO that prohibited him from (1) committing any acts “intended to adversely affect [Johnson's] safety, security, or privacy, [emph mine]

He started the blog the day after.

it wouldn't shock me if this judge was some neo-feminist windbag. a lot of them are.

It wouldn't shock me if you were a fucking idiot. A lot of anons are.

Comment Re:Cost benefit ratio (Score 2) 58

If you shop around, you can find bricks for less than a dollar each.

Yes, but as the article* pointed out, this tower is not made of 99c bricks, but prefabricated polystyrene foam modules. Which could be cheap, but most probably are one-offs that are reasonably expensive to manufacture in the quantities required.

You need to revisit your cost-benefit ratio if you're basing it around 99c bricks.

* I know its not fashionable to read the article here on slashdot, but it mentions this right in the summary.

Comment Re:No FLAC on iPod (Score 1) 526

Better known? Did you try comparing to (ALAC or "Apple Lossless")? I'll grant however that FLAC going by one name all the time without synonyms gives it an SEO boost.

Yes, I did. FLAC has more results (by an order of magnitude) than ALAC & Apple Lossless combined. (Do you really think companies who stick to a single name for their product are doing it for a SEO boost?)

It doesn't matter much what the vendors use if the vast majority of digital music devices are made by Apple.

The vast majority of portable, dedicated digital music devices are made by Apple, but plenty of people use their phone or Media PC connected to a stereo to listen to music on.

But honestly, all of this is irrelevant compared to how well flac / alac fit into the rest of your ecosystem. If you're using itunes (gag) / ipods, use alac. If not, use flac.

Comment Re:No FLAC on iPod (Score 2) 526

f we're free to convert between the two now, what advantage is there in using FLAC instead of ALAC?

There are no differences between the two in terms of music quality, but FLAC:

* Supports replaygain
* Has better tagging support (subjective)
* Is better known
* Contains better (any!) error detection (able to batch-verify downloaded files)
* Is preferred lossless codec for vast majority of digital music vendors.

But honestly, all of this is irrelevant compared to how well flac / alac fit into the rest of your ecosystem. If you're using itunes (gag) / ipods, use alac. If not, use flac. If you're technically proficient & want to have lossless files that you reecnode for your portable device, I'd probably go flac for that too.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Dennis Ritchie, creator of C & Unix reported d (

Whiney Mac Fanboy writes: "The register & many others, are reporting on the death of Dennis Ritchie", confirmed by a google plus post by Rob Pike, a former colleague at Bell labs.

Dennis Ritchie was best known as co-creator of the Unix operating system (modern versions of which underpin most smart phones, Linux & OS X) and the creator of the powerful & elegant C programming language.

This is a truly sad day. The computing community has lost one of the giants, on who's shoulders so many who came after stood."

Comment Re:Flickr? (Score 1) 214

You're kidding right? If you want to share even mediocre quality photos, Facebook is useless. Max of 720px per side (unless things have changed recently) + compressed to all hell means you can't even place a decent quality 1024x768 desktop background on that site for others to enjoy. Never mind print quality.

There's plenty of nice competitors to Flickr, but facebook is not one of them.

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