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Comment Re:Discovered for myself a few weeks ago... (Score 1) 165

Dia dhuit!

At least you're in the country and have heard the sounds in your lifetime. I've tried working through a book-only version of learning Irish and good gravy---lenition and eclipsis, and that fraking letter "h" doing different things based on where it is in the word and the surrounding vowels. That causes a great deal of pain for this "stupid American"

Comment Logitech VX Revolution (Score 1) 569

My mother-in-law bought this for me when I switched from a desktop to a laptop. I thought it was ridiculous, especially since she spent 70 bucks on it. 2 years later and I hate having any other mouse in my hand. Good weight, fits well with my hand (hope you're not a lefty), plays well with Mac, doesn't eat batteries, has bindable keys, etc.



Survival-Horror Genre Going Extinct? 166

Destructoid is running an opinion piece looking at the state of the survival-horror genre in games, suggesting that the way it has developed over the past several years has been detrimental to its own future. "During the nineties, horror games were all the rage, with Resident Evil and Silent Hill using the negative aspects of other games to an advantage. While fixed camera angles, dodgy controls and clunky combat were seen as problematic in most games, the traditional survival horror took them as a positive boon. A seemingly less demanding public ate up these games with a big spoon, overlooking glaring faults in favor of videogames that could be genuinely terrifying." The Guardian's Games Blog has posted a response downplaying the decline of the genre, looking forward to Ubisoft's upcoming I Am Alive and wondering if independent game developers will pick up where major publishers have left off.

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