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Comment Re: How? (Score 3, Insightful) 401

The reboot is an alternate timeline, so the original universe still exists separately.

You may be surprised to learn that not only did the "horseshit" reboot make more money than all the other Star Trek movies combined, it had a higher RT score than Wrath of Khan.

That Abrams guy is a real asshole. He turned a Star Trek movie into something entertaining that audiences, and critics who usually rip on blockbusters both seemed to have enjoyed.

Comment Re:Surface (Score 2) 633

Windows 7 (lost market share to Apple OS X)
Windows Server (lost market share to Linux)
SQL Server (lost market share to a variety of competitors)
Azure (new product, but not market leader)
XBox 360 (red ring of death and years of losses due to those hardware failures)
XBox Live +1 here for a legit success
Office 365 (jury is out)
Lync (New name for communicator. Not sure that this makes MS extra money or is a real success. I don't know that this has mass adoption)
SharePoint (I wouldn't remotely call this a success)

Comment Re:NHTSA pushed a 5 star rating (Score 1) 627

You can be wary all you like and speculate all you like, but we have real-world collisions to look at already including ones with fatalities (not the Model S' passengers - they're all fine).

Scroll down just a bit and you'll see a Honda and BMW that were obliterated and a couple Teslas looking a bit banged up. The drivers have posted on various forums about their experiences. Honda generally makes some pretty safe cars, but you won't be able to find out about the experience of the people in the accident with the Model S because the Honda failed to save their lives. The Model S driver walked away with minor injuries and that was a 1/4 head-on.

Got any other theories about how the Model S will perform?

Comment Re:Still A Toy (Score 1) 627

I think it's perfectly fair to look at the map for Winter 2013 since we're talking a very short time from now. They're ramping up so fast it's crazy. This Christmas, you'll be able to make it North to South on either coast and East to West all within range of Superchargers. Is it perfect? No, but it covers nearly all the driving that the vast majority of Americans do on any kind of regular basis.

Comment Re:Why wasn't this leaked by Wikileaks? (Score 0) 162

how they are sitting idly by while the UK and USA prevent an Australian Senator from executing his elected responsibilities

Maybe HE can explain how the US and UK are preventing him from doing anything? The only people who want to spend some time with him are some investigators in Sweden. Once he gets over himself and addresses their questions, Sweden's done with him, right? That's it. The only entity preventing Julian Assange from doing anything is Julian Assange.

Comment Re:Five Star (Score 1) 627

No, it really isn't more like $80,000. Please at least do the most basic of research prior to spewing bullshit.

At the base price of $62,400, including the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit, Model S comes equipped with a 60 kWh battery, 19” wheels, black textile and synthetic leather interior, 17” touchscreen, seven speaker sound system with AM/FM/HD radio, mobile connector, and a J1772 charging adapter.

You can pack on all the upgrades, options, and features you want to try and claim it costs tens of thousands more than it does, but that doesn't change the fact that you're spewing bullshit because you don't have a logical leg to stand on. The base price is what the base price is. You don't compare upgraded version to base price competition; you compare base price to base price. It's a $60,000 car, not an $80,000 car or a $100,000 car or a $500,000 car. The fact that you can get a Honda Accord gold plated and bullet-proofed for $1.3 Million doesn't suddenly make Honda Accords cost the same as a Bugatti Veyron.

The Honda Accord base price is $21,680
The BMW 528i base price is $47,500
The Tesla Model S base price is $62,400
The Audi A8 base price is $72,200
The Jaguar XK base price is $79,000
The Porsche 911 Carrera base prise is $84,300

So stop lying to try and prove your point. All it does is prove you have no point to prove.

Comment Re:Five Star (Score 1) 627

$30,000 is the average cost of a new car in 2013. Both Forbes and the FTC confirm this fact. As such, a $30,000 car is an "every-man's car". That's not to say every single person can afford it (plenty of people can't afford a car at $3k); rather it's to say that it's a car your average car buyer can afford.

It's coming in 2016. Musk has been committed to getting the pricing into that range since before the first Roadster rolled off the line years ago and he's committed to doing so now. He's also committed to seeing Tesla's breakthrough technology in all manner of other manufacturers' vehicles, so I fully expect the 2016 Tesla car to have plenty of competition from other cars powered by Tesla technology. Between that and the massively expanding supercharging network, it's easy to see why investors have pushed Tesla's stock so high so fast.

Comment Re:STOP USING DRONE (Score 2) 196


Actually, that's one of things it's worth shouting about. Some weapons are drones, but not all drones are weapons. Yet we have people shouting OMFG EVIL DRONES! every time we use one instead of risking a chopper load of guys with a 1000-mile supply chain to wack a crazy murdering jihaddist running an underwear bomb shop in the middle of the Yemeni desert. And then when a local PD uses one instead of a human-scale helicopter (to avoid spending hundreds of dollars an hour to keep on in the air) while doing SAR or something similar, the freak-out crowd can't get their heads past "drone strike" blah blah blah.

They're just tools.

Comment Re:Still A Toy (Score 2) 627


As for it being a playtoy for people with money, I supposed that'd be just like Audi, BMW, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Porsche, Shelby, and everyone else who aims for that higher end of the market.

Per Forbes, the average price of a new car is over $30,000 ( Considering the number of cars selling for $12,000 - $15,000 new, that average is factoring in a lot of cars well over $30,000.

This isn't a toy for the rich and it isn't a car for everyone. It's something affordable for the upper middle class and it's nothing for the "rich". Tesla began this with a $110,000 sports car. Now they have a $60,000 sedan. In three years, they're coming out with a $30,000 every-man's car. The Roadster was a toy. The Model S is a real car for real people. It doesn't have to be a $30k Volvo to not be a "playtoy for people with money". There's a huge, huge area between the two.

Comment Re:Well what do you know.... (Score 1) 264

I thought only the commercial, proprietary releases of Quake had punkbuster built in. The open source versions did not, because it was licensed for Quake, but they didn't own the rights to release it as open source.

The previous release of Urban Terror on the open source Quake fork did not have anti-cheat. When they got a commercial Quake license, they could use the anti-cheat.

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