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The Internet

LiveJournal Says Users are Responsible for Content of Links 283

Many of you might remember the previous story about LiveJournal erroneously deleting hundreds of users as suspected paedophiles, spurred on by pressure from the group, Warriors for innocence. Since then, they've been taking action against users hosting material on their servers that they believe to be illegal. Today, LiveJournal management have demonstrated a serious lack of understanding in how the internet works, declaring that users are responsible for the content of the webpages that they link to in their blog entries. A user points out the obvious flaw: "I get ToS'd because the link's been redirected to a page full o' porn, even though context clearly shows that when I originally put up the link that it didn't actually land on a page of porn?" One wonders how such a long-established blogging company can be so ignorant about the nature of the world wide web.

Feed Science Daily: No Evidence Of Improper Alcohol Use By Astronauts Before Space Flight, According (sciencedaily.com)

A NASA safety review released August 29 found no evidence to support claims that astronauts were impaired by alcohol when they flew in space. NASA chief of Safety and Mission Assurance Bryan O'Connor conducted the month long review to evaluate allegations included in the Astronaut Health Care System Review Committee's report, which was released in late July.
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Top 10 Tech product ads in vintage style

An anonymous reader writes: Newlaunches.com has compiled a list of Top 10 vintage styled ads for modern day tech products and companies. The Nintendo Wii gets the vintage treatment and Adobe Photoshop gets the 80's look.

Comment Whaaat? (Score 1) 729

Uh... I like the blinking lights. I want MORE (thus my glow-in-the-dark keyboards with multiple color selections, and my LED mouse pad). And I love my XPS, doubly so in a dimly lit room.

My "Gadget Bill of Lights" would be to ask the Gadget and PC makers to please make MORE of these types of equipment and to PLEASE ignore Mike! (Well, I DO agree you should be able to turn the LED's if you want - my Timewarner DVR is ultra-annoying in that way, as it's in the bedroom). But otherwise, cram more LED's in!!!!

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