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Comment Re:one idea... (Score 1) 141

The whole point of having a rehabilitation based criminal justice system is to return criminals to society in a way that allows for them to rejoin society in a productive and healthy way. Attaching a stigma to them for the rest of their life is preventing them from becoming productive and healthy members of society.

your telling me about that? we don't have a "rehabilitation based criminal justice system" we have a "punish you for the rest of your life-based" one...and your right with the public-record scrapers it doesnt even matter anymore that 1. the state never filed or 2. the judge withheld adjudication on the condition that you complete X and Y programs and probation successfully...all that matters is that on day Z the clerk of the courts' website posted that you were charged with possession of a marijuana seed or whatever. they don't go back and record the final dispositions of the case...

Comment Re:Reward the artist (Score 1) 301

you know at one time Steve's essay really rang true, but things are soooooooo different now,,,$8000 for "tape" rofl a 32 gb usb stick costs about 20 bucks and will hold all the takes for at least 100 songs...

the point is his numbers are all wrong nowadays. producers are cheap mixing and mastering pros have leveraged the net and are available on a per song basis. i think he wrote this in the late 90's my my things have changed since then...

Comment what a ridiculous waste of time (Score 2) 364

arent these media companies smart enough to realize that piratebay doesnt have any control whatsoever of the names of the torrents? i mean really...if TPB took down all the Game of Throne links that HBO wanted them to, within 5 minutes they would all reappear with slightly different names and different links.

and yes, i know already the answer is no they aren't.

Comment Re:What about new talent? (Score 1) 1501

man...stop freaking out about what may or may not happen if you contribute to a project and just give it a try already...sheesh! you've already created this unreal mental image of how mean or whatever its gonna be but yet you are so paralyzed by your fear you wont even dip you toes to see how the reality compares to your fantasy.

your a (i think) grown person...life isnt always nice or fair thats what your family is for mostly. i truly believe you are much tougher then you think you are, and will be able to EASILY survive whatever words may or may not be thrown at you for forgetting to do exception checking (or whatever) in your chosen OSS project.

live a little...damn the torpedoes!

Comment old school (Score 3, Interesting) 218

yes back in the late 80's i owned a software company that wrote addons for a BBS system called the MajorBBS that was really one of the first true multi-user online systems available for the general public to own and deploy. the interesting thing was that, consistently, when sysops ran the numbers, online chat represented 85-95% of the use of these systems that allowed all sorts of other really cool things to do, in real-time, with other users.

the point of this is that facebook and twitter are really nothing more then personalized chat rooms, and looking back it isnt surprising at all that they represent the 800lb gorillas of the internet because, to be honest, it seems that all everyone really ever wanted to do online is chat (besides pr0n and "research" of course).

i think a facebook backlash is inevitable, like everyone hating nickleback or david guetta...i stopped using it except to get a hold of my kids about a year ago, and i enjoy letting people know i think its a total waste of time...now if i was younger i could see a lot more useful uses for it, like hooking up...but im sure Matt Smith isnt hurting along those lines.

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