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Comment Re:What about new talent? (Score 1) 1501

man...stop freaking out about what may or may not happen if you contribute to a project and just give it a try already...sheesh! you've already created this unreal mental image of how mean or whatever its gonna be but yet you are so paralyzed by your fear you wont even dip you toes to see how the reality compares to your fantasy.

your a (i think) grown isnt always nice or fair thats what your family is for mostly. i truly believe you are much tougher then you think you are, and will be able to EASILY survive whatever words may or may not be thrown at you for forgetting to do exception checking (or whatever) in your chosen OSS project.

live a little...damn the torpedoes!

Comment old school (Score 3, Interesting) 218

yes back in the late 80's i owned a software company that wrote addons for a BBS system called the MajorBBS that was really one of the first true multi-user online systems available for the general public to own and deploy. the interesting thing was that, consistently, when sysops ran the numbers, online chat represented 85-95% of the use of these systems that allowed all sorts of other really cool things to do, in real-time, with other users.

the point of this is that facebook and twitter are really nothing more then personalized chat rooms, and looking back it isnt surprising at all that they represent the 800lb gorillas of the internet because, to be honest, it seems that all everyone really ever wanted to do online is chat (besides pr0n and "research" of course).

i think a facebook backlash is inevitable, like everyone hating nickleback or david guetta...i stopped using it except to get a hold of my kids about a year ago, and i enjoy letting people know i think its a total waste of if i was younger i could see a lot more useful uses for it, like hooking up...but im sure Matt Smith isnt hurting along those lines.

Comment for what its worth... (Score 1) 601

...well...i remade the old Buffalo Springfield song "For What It's Worth (stop whats that sound)" in support of Mr. Snowden's selfless sacrifice of a cushy comfortable life. Folks this really is what our founding father's wanted from us, and it is obviously the reason they protected the press AND privicy in the Bill of Rights, so some entity could, at times, challenge the almost uncheckable powers of government from overreach. if you got it minute, check out my song...i changed a few words for comic relief

Comment the most obvious answer (Score 1) 3 to find a women who is just as driven as your are to achieve her life's goals, probably thru an online dating site or facebook (it really is far more efficient then trolling bars or health clubs), and the both of you can simply use each other for sex. try to remember it's simply a numbers game and if one doesn't work out there are thousands of others, and that like your programming the more you do it the better you will get at it...could you code multi-threaded OO code the first couple of times your sat in front of a compiler?

you are obviously a very smart guy, but this is one case where your smarts are in your way...stop overthinking it! a long long time ago i was an undergraduate CP student at an intense engineering school in Florida, but like you i suffered from major social anxiety and blew a bunch of chances at easy sex because of baseless insecurities and mental masturbations...i dont know for certain that you too are facing these too but inference from both where you posted your issue and what was said, i think it isnt too big a leap...

good yes plenty of folks have achieved both rewarding sexual lives and PhDs simultaneously

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 2) 109

unrelated? really i was commenting on the post where the person said CF will probably not do any time in comment had to do with the way America's legal system is constructed nowadays where two men can both commit crimes, one for basically zero dollar damage and one for millions, yet the jail industrial complex will make the zero dollar one actually suffer in jail.

btw obviously i agree with the poster...CF will hire super lawyers and skip and thru the process...the homeless looking guy wont.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 2) 109

yeah,,,i was in vegas recently and a homeless-looking guy was just pulling a 6-pack out of the cooler when a store employee grabbed him and called the cops. he hadnt even left the store yet. i actually walked over and offered to buy the beer for the guy just dont get him arrested. they would not let me 5 minutes later the cops come and arrest the guy...for what i still have no idea.

the point? that guy will probably do more time in jail then Carl will...oh yeah American justice sure.

Comment ill never understand... (Score 3, Informative) 662

...why soooo many people ever EVER talk to the police if the are even the least bit guilty of a crime...just shut up from the start.

i live in florida and have had my issues with law enforcement. what people don't really understand about the Casey Anthony case is that SHE NEVER NEVER INCRIMINATED herself...ever! Its the main reason she got away with it...the prosecution was so used to having someone ANYONE sit on the stand and say "yes SHE DID IT and I saw it" that they hardly knew how to proceed without that bullet in their gun. I've seen the state drop serious felony charges against folks because they just didn't say a word when arrested, even with damning physical evidence!

Don't you all know that 95% of all cases that go to trial are won by the prosecution on eyewitness testimony and self-incriminating statements? In other words, informants and defendants statements...not super-CSI high tech gadgets that network primetime TV likes to brainwash the...well, whoever it is who still watches that stuff...idk anymore who the heck that is.

Oh well...i could go on about personal experiences in this matter but...i would DEFINITELY be incriminating myself...

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