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Comment Re:Don't pay so much attention to Joel Spolsky. (Score 3, Interesting) 289

Yes, I never understood why so many pay attention to Joel's inflammatory rants.

I don't even want to start on his company's product (Fogbugz). Seriously, ASP/VBScript translated to PHP? And then inventing a new programming language just for a web app with ability to output in several other languages? Ugh.

Comment Re:Allergic reaction to MySQL (Score 1) 271

Do you know the cost (salary or consulting) of a MySQL expert? How about the cost of optimizing for that one database, tying yourself down to it with non-standard SQL?

But now they are optimizing for another, even less standard database (Cassandra), tying themselves down to it with non-standard query syntax. What was your point again?

Comment Re:Allergic reaction to MySQL (Score 1) 271

Hardware is generally cheaper than developers -- especially the really rare MySQL wizard that groks the SELECT procedure deeply enough to be able to rewrite them to use fewer disk seeks.

The thing is, the stuff they missed in their SQL queries doesn't even need a MySQL wizard in blue cape to grok. There were no JOINs, no subselects, nothing high SQL magic at all - an average self-taught DBA would spot the suboptimal index usage. They should have totally solved it themselves.

I was just casually browsing this article because I don't know much about DBs, but if you tell me that there's a problem that can be solved by throwing more hardware at the problem or hiring a very skilled optimizing DBA, I would take hardware 19 times out of 20. I'm not disputing the software solution is technically feasible, just that it seems like a risky bet.

The funny thing is that they still can't skip "a very skilled optimizing DBA" step even with the NoSQL solution. They still need a database architect, and they still need to optimize their queries. But this time, finding a good DBA would be much harder since I imagine the number of NoSQL specialists (and in them the number of experts specializing in Cassandra) must be much lower than the number of good MySQL DBAs.

Of course, now that they have a system that supposedly scales with a simple addition of new hardware to the farm, they may get away from optimization for some time - if their DB architecture is good.

Comment Re:Allergic reaction to MySQL (Score 3, Insightful) 271

As several MySQL experts already noted, Digg isn't even using the indexes that provide maximum performance in the query that they present as problematic for MySQL:

So you are right about the NoSQL fashion trend. Looks like for some companies it's easier to throw a pile of cheap commodity hardware driven by some NoSQL BigTable-wannabie at the problem instead of carefully optimizing queries and indexes for the best performance.

Comment Re:Argh! (Score 1) 453

Realize this, you will have to cut our quality of life down to equal or _less_ than China's in order to bring our products down to their prices. Is this something you're seriously willing to propose?

What you're willing to propose and what is going to happen are sometimes two completely different things.

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