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Comment Re:Damn Puritans (Score 1) 904

Its *considered* harmful to children in this case as it exposes a part of the female anatomy considered again by the society to be shameful and/or only to be exposed in the act of sex.

So wait... you're saying that "society" believes that when a woman is breastfeeding her child, that she's really having sex with it?

As a result, viewing this part of the female anatomy at a young age is assumed by this society to lead to children having and accepting sex more freely.

So you're claiming that "society" thinks that unless breastfed children are blindfolded first, that they'll start having sex immediately? (Well, I guess that's a given if your first claim is taken at first value.)

All I have to say is that you *really* need to see a mental health professional. Your statements are neither rational nor normal.

Comment Re:whois nudebook.com (Score 1) 904

Which completely ignores the fact in most states (all?!?), businesses reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Including blacks and hispanics? Last time I checked, the laws forbidding business owners from discriminating against visible minorities. These laws are (legally) pretty well grounded, I suspect that "company policy prohibits us selling to Jews" would get thrown out pretty damn fast, and the owner of such an establishement would be on the receiving end of a large fine.

She's forcing her morality on everyone there.

How fucked up are you that you believe that feeding an infant is about morality? Seriously, you need professional help - I advise making an appointment with a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Comment Re:I also agree (Score 2, Interesting) 149

Which sounds better:

I have a better one for you.

Which sounds better:

A) Saving $200 and using Linux, where you have a bug that causes it to eat all your data, and you lose all of your work.
B) Spending $200 on Windows, and when it has a bug that causes it to eat your data, Microsoft pays someone to re-create the work for you.

It's pretty obvious which one is better. It's just as obvious which one is pure fantasy.

Comment Re:why is this surprising? (Score 1) 898

How hard is it to google or Wikipedia?

Why on earth would google or Wikipedia have any information on eebra82's knowledge of Windows features?

Here's a tip for you: if someone makes a claim but doesn't substantiate it, and they get slammed for it, don't be an apologist for them. It just makes you look like an idiot.

Comment Re:Necessity (Score 1) 206

Wrong on every point.

*sigh* You know, if you're gonna continue with this bullshit, you could at least try to make it believable, rather than making provably false assertions.

Either back up your statements with facts (examples of "very legitimate reasons for a state to seek limits in the distribution of news, and limits to what its citizens communicate to outsiders" would be a good start) or just STFU.

Go troll Digg.

Comment Re:Necessity (Score 1) 206

  1. You make a statement that is both contrary to common sense, and which has no historical basis.
  2. You provide precisely *zero* logical support for your statement, instead offering only a vague appeal to emotion.
  3. You make a play on the "I'll probably be modded down for this, but..."

Looks like your "troll" mod was well-deserved.

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