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Comment Re:I dunno... (Score 1) 776

So how can one pass the HR screen and get an interview with "programming knowledge", and even a CompEng degree, but with otherwise no experience? The few times I did make it past HR, nobody ever really tried to figure out what I could do practically. It was all questions about academics.

Comment Re:seriously? not this again (Score 1) 233

I've responded like this in the past when someone claims that employers are being disingenuous, but I'll do it again...if there are any good Java or front-end JavaScript developers in the SF bay area, respond and I'll tell you how to apply...these are $150k+ jobs, so we're not low-balling candidates.

Is $150k in San Francisco really that great though? Using two different cost of living calculators to translate San Francisco to Raleigh, NC (which is close to average), $150k turns into either $74k or $86k. How accurate is that? Are people living around San Francisco that underpaid for where they live compared to workers someplace that isn't insanely expensive? Even using the high $86k number, that sounds more like a good side of average programmer with 5 years experience. $150k is what good programmers I know in central FL with ~5 years experience are making, and cost of living there is under the national average.

Comment Re:Very Cool... (Score 1) 117

XFCE? ....
Actually looking for the option, I did not find gave me this page though,

I know one of the window managers I've used frequently in the past would do that...I thought XFCE, but maybe it was a *box or Enlightenment. Middle click in xfce will show you workspace names, and you can change them.

Comment Define "use" (Score 1) 537

Is he able to configure the network? Setup some DNS entries, routes, proxies, wireless, etc. Install/uninstall software, maybe some user management? I'm sure it is really easy to turn it on and open a browser, but that isn't really accomplishing much. Yeah, I only read the summary...this is /.

The biggest hurdle I've noticed with most users (well, ok, my parents) is "I don't want to break something", and that thought seems to paralyze them as soon as something unexpected pops up. A 3-year-old is probably not thinking about that.

Comment That sounds about normal (Score 4, Interesting) 342

$128,336 in San Francisco equates to about $65k when cost of living is adjusted to the US average (specifically Raleigh, was the most average I could think of and is pretty close). I'm sure there is some flexibility in those numbers, but I don't know of anywhere in the bay area that isn't well above the national average.

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