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Comment Re:Linus Torvalds is his own worst enemy (Score 3) 786

Speaking from the small window of the world that I can see... tons. SuSE is the preferred distro for anything that VMWare puts out today since, you know, they own the distro. That means that all of the pre-built appliances for their management services and apps are built on SuSE. Beyond that it's the distribution that IBM uses on any strange architecture they decide to run linux on, for example Watson is SuSE running on Power. I figured it would have been AIX but I was wrong. Beyond that, I'm told that it's also the preferred internal architecture for SAP development and if they can suggest an OS to you for the app servers, that's what it is... although officially they are OS agnostic. I don't think you get near any of those things without a pretty big checkbook, so I'll go ahead and call them professional.

That is a bizarre world indeed. Since when does VMWare own SuSE? Last a heard they were bought from Novell by Attachmate, and I don't see where anything has changed there.

Comment Re:Fixed it (Score 4, Insightful) 758

How is giving preferential treatment to the highest corporate bidder == small, constitutionally limited government? Or banning gay marriage? Or limiting women's choices? Or cutting entitlement programs to shift funding over to the military? I'm ok with the small, constitutionally limited government that conservatives always talk about, I just don't want the social and moral legislation that always seems to be mentioned in the next breath.

Comment Re:I am a chemistry professor... (Score 2) 372

So you have a syllabus. Is it handwritten or did you type it up on a computer?
If you typed it up on a computer, then you will have a file saved.
If you take that file and save it somewhere that can be easily maybe some shared storage space on the department's webserver, then there is no syllabus for anybody to keep track of.
How hard is it to copy a file to a webserver?

Comment Re:Customized resumes?????! (Score 1) 113

Not sure about where you are, but I've found that places in Tampa are generally having a hard time finding the right person. Last couple times I've hired somebody, it took months until we finally found somebody from out of town in both cases. I also recently changed jobs and heard that I was pretty much the only qualified person they talked to.

Also, there is the difference between looking for "a job" and "the job you want". I've only worked a handful of places, and I can see that the company can make a huge difference. The last place I worked was kind of a "I need a job, oh there's a job" situation, and it was not good.

Comment Re:Interesting idea (Score 1) 141

Technical articles and opinions should have a level of proof and logic behind them. Incomplete arguments should be noted, and invalid arguments should be immediately identifiable. Furthermore, authors should be forced to stand on the merits of their arguments rather than some alleged claim to authority such as, "I've been a teacher at a major University for 15 years..." And they should be forced to create psudonyms that don't imply and opinion. (For instance, no one named "Alexander Hamilton" should be allowed on the forum, and certainly not to comment on the Federal Budget.)

Any other ideas?

What if my name actually is Alexander Hamilton? ...and you think that people shouldn't talk about anything about which they have an opinion or form opinions based on anything other than bulletproof logic founded on verifiable proof? You sound like somebody who would be no fun at a party.

Comment Re:I dunno... (Score 1) 776

So how can one pass the HR screen and get an interview with "programming knowledge", and even a CompEng degree, but with otherwise no experience? The few times I did make it past HR, nobody ever really tried to figure out what I could do practically. It was all questions about academics.

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