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Comment Was it ever here? (Score 1) 432

The only OS/2 machine I ever saw was in a bio-engineering lab as an undergrad. I was interviewing for a dev job in there, and the only drivers for the electron microscope were OS/2, so they ran OS/2 on it. Otherwise, I'd have no more reason to believe OS/2 existed than I do the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot.

Comment Re:So, basically (Score 1) 307

I'm not sure that is true. Not if the initial learning curve is too high, and not if the investment into a programmer's existing way of working is too high. Hardware-wise, a programmer's tools are vastly different then what they were 20 years ago -- MB vs TB, MHz vs GHz, etc. -- but we're still talking about slight variations of the same tools when it comes to the software. Seriously, the big editor war is vi vs. emacs. I'm just now beginning to look at ctags and enabling highlighting in my vi, and I've payed the bills with my Perl-writing skills for ten years now.

And even with the hardware. I own a Dvorak keyboard. I don't use it, even though, if I did learn it, studies say I could type much faster.

GMail puts different levels of replies as different colors. Why couldn't your IDE let you use Arial (I'd prefer Gill Sans, myself) and allow you to see the nest levels by color difference instead? There's a bunch of stuff from graphic design that we could use to make programming more pleasant and maybe even easier.

Droid Sans Mono is my favorite programming font, followed by Consolas.

Comment Re:I am confused... (Score 2, Insightful) 315

Nothing provides help for criminals like a poorly designed streetlight that provides strong cover shadows while blinding would-be crime watchers. Most super bright nighttime lighting does exactly this. People like you who think any light is a good light are part of the problem, both for crime and seeing the stars.

C'mon. If nobody's watching, then all a streetlight does is let the criminal see what he's doing.

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