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Teacher Sells Ads On Tests 532

Tom Farber, a calculus teacher at Rancho Bernardo high school in San Diego, has come up with a unique way of covering district cuts to his supplies budget. He sells ads on his tests. "Tough times call for tough actions," Tom says. The price of an ad on a Mr. Farber Calc test is as follows: $10 for a quiz, $20 for a chapter test, and $30 for a semester final. Most of the ads are messages from parents but about a third of them come from local businesses. Principal Paul Robinson says reaction has been "mixed," but adds, "It's not like, 'This test is brought to you by McDonald's or Nike.'" I see his point. Being a local business whore is much better than being a multinational conglomerate whore.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPod Touch screen problems - defect or design? 2

The Blue Meanie writes: As reported by a friend of mine, and confirmed with a thread or two elsewhere, people are noticing that a number of the new iPod Touch screens are producing really BAD video, especially in darker areas. Is this just a case of Apple picking a lousy screen for this model, or is this a manufacturing defect? They obviously didn't use the screen from the iPhone — are Touch users destined to suffer with sub-par video?

Submission + - Saddam Hussein executed

Ice Wewe writes: The BBC is reporting that Iraq's former dictator Saddam Hussein was hung. Saddam was found guilty of the 1982 killings of 148 Shias.

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been executed by hanging at a secure facility in northern Baghdad for crimes against humanity. Iraqi TV said the execution took place just before 0600 local time (0300GMT). A representative of the prime minister and a Sunni Muslim cleric were present.

Read the whole story:

Data Storage

Submission + - U3 Software

Mad Jamison writes: "I'm interested in purchasing a USB Drive with Migo synchronization software. I've owned the Migo Smart Watch for over a year and it does a great job. Now I want to upgrade to a drive with more capacity (2-4 GB), and take advantage of the new U3 programs that are being packaged on many USB drives. But I know nothing about U3, what is available, or how good the U3 software is. I'm particularly interested in security. One of the U3 applications offers password management. Does this make the USB device more or less secure. Another offers encryption. Is it any good? Where can I get up to speed on U3? Thanks."
United States

Submission + - U.S. Censoring ThePirateBay?

An anonymous reader writes: I just tried to go to the bittorrent site, "", and timed out, repeatedly.

Now this isn't unusual in itself, but since I reside in the U.S., I got to wondering.

Proxied through "TOR" and thepiratebay came up just fine. No proxy, still no connect.

tcptraceroute to thepiratebay times out.
tcptraceroute to the node immediately before thepiratebay works fine.

All symptoms are that the U.S. is censoring access. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Anonymized for obvious reasons!

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