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Comment Re:Someday iPad apps will be developed on an iPad (Score 1) 463

Back in 1984, the Macintosh was first released. The only way to create applications for it was to run the development tools on the Apple Lisa.

Then, it became possible to run MPW (Macintosh Programmer's Workshop) and then came Lightspeed C aka ThinkC aka Symantec C which ran natively on the Macintosh.

Today, the only way to create native applications for the iPad is by running the development tools on a Macintosh.

Perhaps there is a pattern here?

Comment Re:Seems reasonable to me (Score 2) 545

So... The radiation was important enough to stop him. But then the radioactive person effectively says "this is not the terrorist that you are looking for" and the police let him go on. What if it were a terrorist?

It sounds like every terrorist now knows what to say when they are stopped.

Either this stuff is important enough to legally restrict or it isn't!

Comment Re:Scientists Charged For Not Being Psychic (Score 1) 189

But this is exactly what happened:

An Italian scientist, Giacchino Giuliani says he tried to warm the people in the earthquake devestated city of L'Aquila that a massive disaster was imminent only to be told he was an "imbecile".

An alarmed Giacchino Giuliani reportedly strapped loudspeakers to cars and vans and drove around the city in late March warning people that an earthquake was imminent due to increased activity involving radon gas.

"There are people who must apologize to me, and they must have the weight of what occurred on their conscience," Giacchino Giuliani said.

Observations of underground water before Sundy nights earthquake were also observed by Giacchino Giuliani but the man employed by a physics institute at Gran Sasso said he felt helpless as he knew Italian police would arrest him for further scare mongering.

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