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Comment Re:Where can I get one? (Score 2) 165

Where can I get an OpenRISC CPU and a motherboard that will support it, and how much do they cost compared to Intel/AMD CPUs of similar performance?

OpenRisc is a soft-cpu, defined in the Verilog language, suitable for implementing in many different types of FPGA's of varying price/performance/power.
Here is one source for boards of all types:


Comment Re:I don't know much about electronics.. (Score 3, Insightful) 380

You know, all the device needs to do is LOOK like how a dangerous device might look like to an untrained individual. Then the person would wave it around and threaten things. Also, why does it need to be looking like an improvised explosive device? it could be looking like an improvised GPS/Radar/Radio/Cockpit jammer.

Rule #1 in first year engineering courses should be "Don't take your prototype on an airplane"


Comment Re:Car & Hacker insurance? (Score 1) 128

No, it means when a your anti-theft device is compromised via a hack and your care is stolen, the insurance company will not believe you and will tell you that you are trying to defraud the insurance company by faking a theft - since the anti-theft device is, by their analysis, "unbreakable". There is already precedence for this.


Comment Re:Well, that's one way to advertise.... (Score 1) 548

Market share?

The people who use facebook do not represent facebook's customers. They are the product which is sold to the advertisers.

Facebook's market share is related to the advertisers.

This is the same with google.

Perhaps in terms of 'Social Network oriented advertising market share', facebook's market share is bigger than google?


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