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Comment Re:As an Australian Resident,,, (Score 1) 277

Does Australia have a military where people are trained in various ways to kill other people?

And those same people who are allowed to kill people during conflicts in places like Iraq or Afghanistan are not allowed to play a video game where they could kill space aliens?

Is adult virtual violence against aliens worse than real violence against real people?


Comment Re:If ever I heard an argument (Score 1) 157

One good reason to be against circumcision is the high propensity of the botched circumcision, often not noticed until adulthood.

The most scary case is this one:

Where one Baby boy was snipped way too much and the doctor's decided to give him hormones to become a girl instead.

Doctors told her that her discomfort was due to a passing phase of ``tomboyishness.''

What they didn't tell her was that she had in fact been born ``Bruce'' and had been subjected to gender reassignment surgery at 18 months, 10 months after doctors botched a circumcision and destroyed most of his penis.


Comment Re:Separate SVN deploys (Score 1) 244

This is why I like Mercurial better; It integrates easier and better with apache and is much faster than svn for the same source code!

However I decided to not use 3 branches (dev,test,release) inside one repository - I use 3 separate repositories. They are all related, and the release repo has different authentication requirements so you have to be certain that you want to push to the release repo.

In addition, I set up hudson to do automatic builds of each repo and automatic deploy to the related servers. This is more controversial, some people prefer to have release deployments to be triggered manually. Either way they are fairly easy to revert.


Comment Re:floating point works fine in my kernel (Score 1) 815

Define 'right' ?

FP in kernel is the only way linux can be deployed in these scenarios.

the -rt kernel is not sufficient.

Xenomai is a lot better, however it does add for me up to 25 microseconds of latency on intel 2 ghz xeon.

So this means that in order to take dsp processing out of the kernel with the required audio latency we lose 15% of the cpu's processing power which is potentially 1.2 gigaflops with sse3!

so what is 'more right'? wasting 15% of your cpu due to scheduling latency even with xenomai or enabling fpu/sse in kernel?


Comment Re:floating point works fine in my kernel (Score 1) 815

People who believe that floating point has no place in the kernel are living in the dark ages.

The reality now is that thousands of products are shipped and in use now that process audio in real time on linux, in kernel mode, with major DSP style processing done with FPU and Altivec and SSE2 with userspace only involved to tweak coefficients.

If you ever saw a Cirque Du Soleil show, or went to disneyland, saw a metallica concert, or heard the opening ceremonies in Bejing, you have listened to audio being processed in linux kernel mode in floating point with both single fpu and vector procesing.

It would be nice to do it all in userspace.

Until the linux kernel is able to schedule real time user tasks with less than 10 microseconds of latency for a recurring interrupt every 166 microseconds, solution providers are forced to use kernel mode audio processing.

It is so unfortunate that linux audio is in such a mess with also, pulseaudio, oss. Developers should take a look at apple's CoreAudio for ideas if they can't figure things out.


Comment Beos still in use in live sound applications (Score 1) 875

level control systems, now owned by Meyer Sound, still has installations from 1996 that are running with either original BeBoxes (repackaged into rack mount cases) or older intel hardware.

People didn't upgrade because there was no need to; it was not broken and the hardware still works.

One live musical show was using one of these rack mounted original BeBox with Dual Processors. A few years ago it stopped working; they rebooted it and it worked but only one CPU was running. The problem was that they one cpu fan stopped turning, the cpu got very hot - so hot that it unsoldered itself and fell. But the system worked just fine on a reboot, just a little slower!


Comment Re:At the Risk of Sounding Like an Apologist (Score 1) 832

Yes, in fact for some time now, over 20 years ago, jet fighters utilized Head Transfer Functions (HTF's) to provide three dimensional audio to the pilot. So wherever the pilot is, and wherever his orientation, he would "hear" where the enemy was located, but the distances were scaled to make them sound closer.


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