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Comment Re:DocBook - like HTML 1.0, only dumber (Score 1) 68

If you are one person writing a 50 page document Word may very well be perfect. However, imagine you have 20 people who need to collaborate on keeping a 1000 page documentation set updated.

Now imaginge doing this in Word.

Comment Re:A few thoughts (Score 1) 842

Be a "can do" guy. Don't say "no, I can't do that" when asked to do a task. If you have to research something then say so. If the place is well organised there might be resources you can use anyway.

As fairly recently promoted from developer to a manager I have a comment to the above.

We all love "can do" guys, but only if they really can do. If your you are already fully booked please learn to say so. If you over commit you either

  • need to work a lot of extra hours in order to complete your tasks or
  • fail to deliver work on time

While the first is mainly a problem for you initially, it will most likely hurt everyone in the long run when the quality of your work starts to drop.

Comment Re:OpenGL (Score 1) 200

It worked for WildTangent... which turned out to be spyware. They interfaced to Direct3D as well. They were windows-only as well. A lot of people paid them for their technology and used it to make all kinds of crappy 3d games in a browser. When that turned out to be profitless people stopped and as far as I know it's been relegated to making crapware games packaged by Gateway and others with new PC installs... just one more piece of spyware in their crapflood. There's no particular reason to believe that this will turn out any different.

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