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Comment Re:patients are just customers (Score 1) 467

This is right on. So many patients if you don't prescribe antibiotics will get pissed and say the doc "didn't do anything." Nevermind the 15 minutes you spent with them taking history, examining them and explaining that they most likely had a virus that antibiotics will not help and that giving them antibiotics may even cause them problems in the long run. Nope, if they don't get a scrip you are worthless in their minds.
Regardless, I rarely prescribe antibiotics for sinutitis, bronchitis, etc. Because like the article says these are usually viral, and over prescribing antibiotics is a Bad Thing(TM). Sometimes it ends up being something that needs antibiotics and I'll treat it appropriately, but the vast majority resolve on their own.

I had a nice discussion with a lady last week that had completed her course of abx for pneumonia and she was feeling better, but she really wanted a antibiotic scrip bad "just in case." She was literally begging me to give her more antibiotics. I tried as best as I could to explain that she didn't need any more, and ultimately refused to give her a scrip. I don't think she was happy about it, but that is just the kind of stuff docs have to put up with regulary and unfortunately too many relent and just do what the patient wants.

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