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Comment Re:WebOS is quite good (Score 1) 117

I agree, WebOS is really nice. I picked up a TouchPad last week and so far I'm really impressed. I have used Android since the original release date of the T-Mobile G1 and I have a ASUS Transformer that is nice but I don't pick it up over my Macbook. I've found myself using the Touchpad quite a bit. I don't know how to explain it other than it's very comfortable to use.

Comment It's happening to quite a few.. (Score 1) 139

I posted the info last night in the thread about someone stealing google's auth code. I don't think it's a dictionary attack. I think it's related to using the password on other sites. Happend to my wife right after setting up a Nike account. No malware detected. I guess it could be fishing sites.

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