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Comment It's happening to quite a few.. (Score 1) 139

I posted the info last night in the thread about someone stealing google's auth code. I don't think it's a dictionary attack. I think it's related to using the password on other sites. Happend to my wife right after setting up a Nike account. No malware detected. I guess it could be fishing sites.


Simulation of Close Asteroid Fly-By 148

c0mpliant writes "NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have released a simulation of the path of an asteroid, named Apophis, that will come very close to Earth in 2029 — the closest predicted approach since humans have monitored for such heavenly bodies. The asteroid caused a bit of a scare when astronomers first announced that it would enter Earth's neighborhood some time in the future. However, since that announcement in 2004, more recent calculations have put the odds of collision at 1 in 250,000."

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