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Comment That's no moon. It's a space... (Score 1) 203

I mean, that's no PDF, it's a VB worm. It's currently eating the Exchange servers of our Fortune 500 company alive. I think I got a couple thousand copies before someone pulled the ethernet cable.

The email has the following text:


This is The Document I told you about,you can find it Here.

Please check it and reply as soon as possible.


LUser clickies, LUser gets infected, sends it off to company-wide list, more LUsers clicky. Clickiness asplode exponentially.

Comment Posting private info to a public website (Score 5, Insightful) 302

My opinion is that if you post personally identifiable information to a public website, and expect that information to be kept from all the world's eyeballs, you're being incredibly foolish.

I'm not saying Facebook has no responsibility here, just that people should take care to only share in a public forum what they are comfortable sharing with the entire universe. My Facebook profile contains nothing that I wouldn't want my mom, boss, pastor, or future employer to see.

I'm probably departing Facebook because... well... just watch the South Park Facebook episode and that sums up everything I hate about it.

Privacy? I don't post private stuff to a public website, no matter how much they promise only to share that stuff with "friends" and "networks."

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