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Comment Re:depends on what you're going into (Score 1) 656

Skip the Differential Equations. There is virtually zero chance you'll ever see any use for Differential Equations in programming.

As the parent post suggested, Discrete Math. Take any and all the Discrete Math you can get. Discrete Math will teach you to be a better programmer.

Discrete Math nothing like "crazy advanced ugly math" like Differential Equations and Calculus. Discrete Math is stuff like Information theory, Logic, Set theory, Combinatorics, Graph theory, Game Theory, etc. Discrete Math will teach you concepts and techniques that are valuable for designing algorithms and handling data. This is Core Programming material.


Comment Re:Safety Tools are too expensive (Score 1) 558

The brake can be disabled, but if you forget, a new brake cartridge costs $70, and the blade will usually be ruined. Carbide blades are fairly expensive. And for a dado blade which requires a more expensive brake - total cost could be around $300

Yeah. $370, ouch! That's gotta be like umpteen-times more expensive than the cost of surgery to re-attach one or more fingers. Did I mention.... "ouch"?


Comment devouring an internet full of unstructured data (Score 2) 129

the natural language interface with the system, OpenNLP is a powerful library for extracting meaning (semantics) from unstructured data... An example of unstructured data would be the blog post, an article in the New York Times, or a Wikipedia article.

Warning: Other examples of "unstructured data" include 4chan and Conservapedia.


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