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Comment Re:Dear Steve, (Score 2, Interesting) 864

> funny that my at&t android will only install items from the marketplace and not
> 'any app i choose' - i read a forum that said i needed to root the device to remove that restriction.

You need to read different forums. Go to Settings, then Applications, and check the setting that says "Allow install of non-Market applications". Done. No root necessary.

Comment Re:So serious (Score 5, Funny) 284

> One of the morning messages could be "having a morning coffee with satan" and late night message could be "man do I appreciate cold beer right now".

I've had sort of the same idea, only mine is an IM bot that will occasionally fire off messages to my friends at 3 AM saying things like "Look behind you" or "HE COMES".

Comment Re:We have no idea what you like (Score 1) 1095

> The Clink Prison Museum

  Avoid this. I was in London earlier this year (half-vacation, half-work; I was doing some stuff for my master's degree), and stopped by the Clink. It's basically several rooms full of mannequins in replica torture devices and a few small, sad plaques with information you could find on Wikipedia. It definitely wasn't worth the money, even after the student discount.

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