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Comment Re:This Kevin Martin, (Score 1) 111

> does he want a job as a communications minister? seems Australia needs a competent one.

It'd be a pretty easy job, wouldn't it? From what I understand, most communications in Australia are variations on "Oh sweet Jesus, there's a spider the size of a dinner plate on my leg, but at least it's killing the poisonous octopus that's eating the incredibly toxic jellyfish that was stinging me to death".

Comment Re:Arbitrary. (Score 0, Flamebait) 301

> Is it just me, or do annual "holidays" like this seem completely arbitrary?
> If the Earth was X kilometers closer to or further from the Sun, our concept of a
> year would be Y days shorter or longer.

So when you gain the ability to move the earth X kilometers closer to or further from the sun, we'll argue about it all then.

Until such time, go be pedantic and literal and "Ooh, look at me, I'm above it all" somewhere else and let the rest of us have our drunken revelry to celebrate the fact that 2008 is, thank the sweet zombie Jesus, over already.


Submission + - LOLCODE - A New Programming Language From Cats

brianez21 writes: "LOLCODE was created 25 May 2007 and is a rather funny esoteric programming language (like Whitespace and Brainfuck). It was made to poke fun at all the cat-related humor on the Internet. There is currently a working LOLCAT interpreter available, here is an example piece of code (Hello World) that is ready to be run.


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