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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 1352

You example still doesn't work. One of the primary jobs of the government is to protect a citizens private property. Using your line of thinking, should we also allow theft since the detection and prosecution of also requires a police presence?

If a business owner wants to discriminate then that business owner is relying on the government to protect his private property just like he is now.

Comment Re:It's not about "convergence". The cloud is dyin (Score 1) 349

How can people be fed up with 'the cloud' when most people don't even know what it is? You really think those MS commercials are enough to make people understand what the cloud does?

Like most techies you're completely focusing on the wrong thing. Most people don't care about clouds, rails, ruby, or any other tool. They care about solved problems. They care about storing their pictures in a way that they can access them from anywhere and never lose them. If it's the cloud and RoR that makes this happen they are happy. If it's duct tape and bubble gum (more likely :) ) they are still happy.

To most people (other than techies) the end result is what matters, and not the tools you use to get there.

Comment Re:Good choice (Score 1) 317

I agree with you. I was on FB for about 2 weeks. People I went to HS with came out of the woodwork (along with ex girlfriends - creepy). I didn't get it because if I never really spoke to them then and haven't spoken to them in years why suddenly do they care about what I'm doing now? And, I certainly don't care about what they are doing now.

Comment Re:Oh Comcrap! (Score 1) 434

From my experience of living in 2 different areas of the country, Comcast is second only to fiber in speed. Now, of course my sample size is small, but when I read about the horrors of other cables cos or DSL I'm happy to have Comcast. I think it just shows how crappy the other broadband companies are.

Comment Re:Guilty much? (Score 1) 685

I agree with you and that there are even more issues with unemployment insurance. Many people don't get another job right away because if they can't find a job paying similar wages as their last job it can lead to making less than what unemployment pays. And, once they take that new job their unemployment insurance rate will reset lower, so if they lose that job they are really screwed.

UI should support you for a very short amount of time if your jobless. Once you get a job UI should be able to cover the potential gap between your old job and new job for a period of time. This would encourage people to get a job and hopefully give them some time to start moving up the salary scale at the new job.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 377

First, government jobs have grown during the recession:

Second, I have also worked in both the public and private sector. My government job had more holidays, better benefits, and paid more per hour (more on this later) while my private sector job has been cutting benefits each year and removing raises/bonuses. In my private job I'm expected to work OT when needed without extra pay. That NEVER happened in my government job. Any extra time put in was automatically comp time even for salaried employees.

I left the public sector because I was so bored. They kept hiring people and spreading out the work to the point where I would have a hard time filling half my day with real work. Waste at its finest.

Comment Re:They didn't quite think this one through... (Score 1) 446

Megapixels is a horrible way to determine picture quality. Sensor quality and size is much more important over MPs. With that said sensor tech has advanced quite a lot from the D1X times. Try out a D300 sometime and even though it's only a 12.3 MP camera it will blow away your 14MP P&S. If you really want to see what sensor size can do try out a full frame D700 that is only 12.1MP.

I have a great P&S and my old D60 (10.2MP) with a fixed 50mm kills it in every way with picture sharpness and a host of other quality metrics.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 449

From Apples website on Enterprise Apps:

Wireless app distribution

iPhone enables enterprises to securely host and wirelessly distribute in-house apps to employees over Wi-Fi and 3G. In-house apps can be hosted on any web server accessible to users. Users simply tap on a URL to install apps wirelessly without needing to connect to their computers.

I read that as enterprises can have their own internal app store for internally developed apps.

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