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Comment Re:Those questions seem more like trivial pursuit (Score 2, Interesting) 1038

Understanding what a "year" is is pretty basic (how else can one interpret the fact that people don't know how long it takes the earth to go around the sun?). I wouldn't put that in the 'trivia' category.
Knowing the land to water ratio is marginally more trivia-like; I think the range they accepted as 'reasonably right' is a tad too narrow--but not by much. Anyone who's ever seen a map should be able to know it's well over 50%, but that there's still quite a lot of land -- at which point 70% would be pretty easy to guesstimate. Of course this reqiures (1) having seen (and understood to some extent) the map of the world, and (2) knowing what "percent" means. Sadly, too many people in the US would have trouble with at least one of these.


Submission + - An iTunes for Music Licensing?

kimberlyholmes113 writes: "There's an interesting analysis of the EMI shift to DRM-free music, posted on Media 3.0. It's written by Shelly Palmer (a composer and media analyst), so it offers a somewhat unique perspective. He doesn't think DRM-free will give the industry any boost, since DRM-free already exists (via CD and file-sharing). What the industry needs, according to Palmer, is to find a new business model that embraces current (and future) user activity. This includes a new, easy-to-use licensing system that will allow users to pay a small licensing fee for using music in user-generated videos. The industry needs an iTunes for licensing: DRM-Free iTunes — Did We Miss the Memo?"

Journal Journal: Georgia Tech Unveils Prototype Nanogenerator 208

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology have created a working prototype nanogenerator capable of generating as much as 4 watts per cubic centimeter of continuous direct current. The generators are green (to use), drawing power from natural motion in the surrounding environment. They are based on non-toxic chemicals and should be safe for use in biomechanical implants, but that's not their only potential use. From the artic

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