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Comment Re:Duh? (Score 1) 327

Depends, I'm still grandfathered under the "unlimited data" plan, so AT&T cannot legally cap the amount of data I am using.

Lucky for them (and for me?), I'm not one of the high bandwidth users who watch videos all day on my phone ... but if someday I need to use that much data off the 3G network, I did pay for it (have been for 2-3 years), and it should be readily available to me.

Comment Re:Seagate reliability (Score 1) 467

I have about a dozen 1.5TB Seagate 7200rpm drives purchased intermittently over the past ~2 years from ~4 different vendors. The most recent purchase was at the end of Nov 2009.

So far, no problems (knock on wood). They tend to run 24/7, but don't necessarily see that much disc activity (media server).

I did have one Seagate drive die on me, but I think it was a 750GB drive ... and that was a couple of years ago. I have at least 8 of those drives, plus four older 300gb drives ... all are off-line now, but they were working fine when they were in use.

Never tried the 5900rpm drives...

Comment Re:ISA slots (Score 1) 622

I also have a parallel-port EPROM burner that I use more frequently, the Xtronics Pocket Programmer ... however, it is not fully compatible with all of the older EPROM chips that I occasionally use.

At least their website is still active, and the latest Pocket Programmer runs off the USB port. Right now, I have no need for a $249.95 upgrade, but will keep it in mind.

Do you have a link to your preferred USB-to-ISA product?

For the record, I did find that the PB-10 would not necessarily run on newer (faster) computers. Maybe some of the internal timing has changed?

Comment ISA slots (Score 1) 622

The oldest I have in service is a Cyrix 6x86 system running Windows 98 SE. I need it for the ISA slots so that I can run my *Needhams PB-10 EPROM burner.

* Since www.needhams.com doesn't come up anymore, I wonder if they are even still in business. :-(

Comment Re:Last sentence is stupid (Score 2) 369

Not to defend them, but the summary indicates GB caps not MB. 100GB is alot harder to pull down in a month, not that I haven't managed to do it on a crappy DSL line, thus making it even more likely someone with a nice fat cable pipe could do it.

I can easily do 100gb in a week, now that all these 1080p MKV files are out there.

You know, ummm ... backups for my BluRay discs. :-)

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