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Comment AOL did this to me several times. (Score 1) 486

Back in the dark ages of dial-up access. They would lock out the account with a message to call an 800 number. They would step you through the process of getting rid of it. I just had to update my son's scanner and run it. Of course, that meant all 5 of us were locked out, even though 2 of them were at college!

Comment Great Video! - Can't wait for the sequel! (Score 1) 86

Excellent presenter!
Flawless editing!
Appropriate special effects!
The last chapter seemed a little out of place and out of character - maybe a teaser?
As a former TV geek(35 years ago, before I heard the siren call of software), I followed everything except the dot placement choices.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 338

I guess you are better at reading a mind then I am.
This is why lawyers are so long winded, even the honest ones.
Too few words, have too many meanings.
Yours are more robust, and have more specific meanings.
Only the AC knows what the true intention was. i.e., closed source vs "back doors"
Yours reminds me of DVD Easter eggs.

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