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Comment Tron 1.0 (Score 3, Interesting) 412

I've re-watched the original Tron on occasion over the years, and just recently last week in preparation for the new movie (which I haven't seen yet, because every theatre in my city has it in headache-vision only, but that's another rant).

Maybe it's just me, but I find it holding up less and less as time goes on. The first part of the movie is cut very poorly and frequently jumps around for no real reason. Once Flynn is in the Tron world, the movie ever-so-slowly gets rather tiresome and boring. Now, part of this is me just being used to modern movies that have a much quicker pace overall, but it's more than that. There really just isn't all that much story here. And all of it is hurriedly explained in the first 15 minutes or so, so the rest of the movie is just a Lord of the Rings style quest without much actually happening.

Now, visually - I'm one of the few that still think the effects hold up. They just have a unique look to them that really exists in no other movie of its time or any time. It always surprises me upon re-watching to realize just how many computer graphics were used. Knowing how much effort when into them, I always think there must only be a few shots, but it never ceases to amaze me just how often you see them. Plus, the costume effect is just something we'll never see replicated again.

If it's on in the background on mute, Tron is a pretty cool movie still. But actually trying to watch it? I'm just as likely to fall asleep somewhere around the 45 minute mark as not.

Not sure how much this will be considered Flamebait on Slashdot :)

Comment The US Government gave the peon access (Score 1) 919

If any heads should roll over the leaks, it should be those of the guy who stole the data and whatever dunce(s) allowed peons access to the data.

I'm surprised Slashdotters haven't picked up on this angle, but the peons have access to this data as a direct result of 9/11 and the panic legislation that ensued. Remember all of the "OMG gov't agencies need access to each other's information so that we can prevent this from happening"? Remember privacy advocates pointing out that perhaps it's not a smart idea to have all of this information shared all over the place, because of possible unintended consequences?

There's a reason some 3 million US soldiers had access to all of this data. The government brought it upon itself.

Comment Re:How about just universal chip&pin? (Score 2, Interesting) 239

How do you do it? Call the CC 800 number?

Basically, yes. Talk to a CSR at the CC company.

If so, what prevents me from calling and saying I'm you and that I'm in Milan?

The same way you're prevented from calling the CC company and changing my address, or calling my bank and wire transferring money into your account, or 300 other nasty things you could think up. They do have *some* security on your account that way - they ask you enough personal information that they're satisfied it's you.

You don't travel much and/or own a credit card, do you? This has been routine practice for decades.

Comment Re:Not so much the internet as games (Score 1) 295

We played freeze tag in the early 80s, long before video games even HAD a pause function (first one was 1982 that I can think of). My older siblings played it in the 1970s.

If anything, kids are just expanding that concept and likely incorporating the concept of a "time out", as invented by parents as a form of discipline. Although again "time outs" long pre-date anything remotely modern. Sporting events have had them for ages.

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