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Comment Re:5,000 machines, US$1M (Score 1) 621

Where I live, we have 5 tiers of KWh usage above baseline (PG&E, northern CA)...

When I was running distributed computing projects on ~10 machines, my power bill was breaking the $500/month barrier on occasion.

Power usage differences between idle and 100% CPU are easily measured with a P3 Killawatt or similar watt-meter - and the differences can be pretty enlightening. Different machines produce different results.

The higher performance P4's were pretty bad - running between 150-200W at the wall at 100% CPU, while my AMD X2 would only reach ~100W at full load.

Comment Re:Life is hard (Score 1) 144

Social networking is fun. You can buy a new TV, you can't buy back having wasted your life hiding.

You also can't buy back all that wasted time sitting in front of the computer mindlessly staring at Twitter and Facebook...

Comment Re:Since when does Geotagging = Augmented Reality? (Score 1) 144

No no no, you have it all wrong.

Augmented Reality is what the *theives* are gonna be using - as they walk around, they see geo-tagged pictures of 50" TVs pop into view, and next to them, the twitter feed stating the owner is away on vacation...

The guy on vacation is just using "Distorted Reality" believing that all that info he posted on the internet was a good idea, and he has thousands of internet friends looking at it.

Comment Re:60% is a very optimistic guess! (Score 1) 268

I understand of course that a pirated copy is not always a lost "sale", but the sales dropped immediately after the pirated versions showed up on the web. It's a pity that Apple seems to have little interest in preventing piracy on the iPhone.

So you're saying that after the pirated version appeared, only the jailbroken phone users were using it thereafter?

Comment Re:why is this modded troll? (Score 1) 268

I guess probably because I don't own an iPhone - and I have no clue how much iPhone apps cost in the first place :P

The summary made it sound as if 60% of users of these games were pirates (piracy being the rule not the exception), which gave me pause to wonder.

Oh well, nobody ever said /. was fair :)

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