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Submission + - Baby monitor receives broadcast from space! (theglobeandmail.com)

Raver32 writes: "Young parents Tom and Natalie Meilinger, of Palatine, Ill., a northwest Chicago suburb, may have thought they'd entered the Twilight Zone when, earlier this week, they glanced at the baby monitor that normally shows pictures of their son's crib and instead saw ... astronauts. Aware that 3½-month-old Jack wasn't yet walking, let alone walking in space, they knew almost immediately what they were seeing. (Natalie, after all, is a science teacher.) The images were of astronauts gliding weightlessly through the cabin of the space shuttle Atlantis, about 100 kilometres above Earth."

Submission + - Obscene' Devices Head for the Supreme Court

Funky125 writes: WASHINGTON — You know a case is ripe for Supreme Court review when the retelling of its history cites lower court decisions labeled "Williams I," "Williams II," "Williams III," "Williams IV" and "Williams V." -advertisement- The "Williams," of course, is Sherri Williams, who along with eight co-petitioners is seeking to overturn Alabama's obscene device law, which in Williams' case would prevent her from selling and/or distributing any sex toy intended primarily for the stimulation of humans to orgasm in the privacy of their own homes. http://avn.com/index_cache.php?Primary_Navigation= Articles&Action=View_Article&Content_ID=289264

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