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Comment Pay us back. (Score 1) 425

> 'We will always be grateful for the second chance extended to us and we are doing our best to make the most of it,' says GM CEO Dan Akerson.'

If you want to make the most of it, pay us back our $10B.

> 'Today is not dramatically different from the hundreds of preceding days during which we have worked to make GM a company our country can be proud of again.'"

Again, we will be proud of you AFTER you pay us back our $10B.

Comment Re: Teaching critical thinking early is a bad ide (Score 1) 236

You have not misrepresented me. Thank you for the succinct comments.

Your organic chemistry example is a good one; I'd class it in there with trigonometric identities and rules of English grammar as things where the patterns must be discerned by the individual (otherwise, the practice of all three would be regular enough to not need exceptions).

Comment Re:Teaching critical thinking early is a bad idea (Score 1) 236

The idea that we need to suppress people's critical thinking skills early on because people might question authority figures is something I find positively absurd. People are going to question things either way, and again, if you're teaching by rote, chances are, you screwed up.

I don't understand how refraining from explicitly teaching critical thinking skills as a formal doctrine at an early age, and allowing a child to come up with their own tools for dealing with the world first, equates to suppression. You act as if I were suggesting some Orwellian indoctrination process into a belief in the state.

You don't give children access to power tools when they turn 5.

Comment GM is not Detroit (Score 1) 425

But Detroit is bankrupt and the GM workers are most likely not going to see any kind of pension.

Detroit != GM

One is a city and the other is a company. Detroit's bankruptcy has nothing to do with GM's bankruptcy.

GM pensioners are going to get paid just as public employees of Detroit are. The amount is a different but their pensions didn't just vanish.

Comment GM liquidation would not just affect GM (Score 1) 425

Funny how they don't think throwing 10 billion down a toilet didn't further damage the economy.

If the only one that would have suffered the consequences of a GM liquidation was GM then you might have a point. In the real world however a GM liquidation would have destroyed the entire supply chain. GM doesn't exist in a vacuum. Ford would have gone bankrupt as well because they share the same suppliers. Even Toyota would have taken a hit. My company would have been out of business. $10 billion is expensive but compared to a GM liquidation it is money well spent.

Even if GM went out of business, which it wouldn't have, someone else would have bought the resources and done something with them.

Not without a SEVERE dislocation to the US economy. It wasn't just GM it was the entire supply chain that would have gone under. This notion you have that a GM bankruptcy would have no effects on any other companies could not be more incorrect.

Just flatly stating that 1 million jobs would have been lost is so deceitful.

Actually it probably understates things. Every employee that GM has is supported by around 6 employees in the supply chain. A GM liquidation would have resulted in many of the Tier 1 suppliers and a huge number of the Tier 2 and 3 suppliers going under. This would have dragged Ford into bankruptcy too because their supply chain overlaps heavily with GMs. Chrysler would likely have been liquidated rather than bought by Fiat because they too depend on the same supply chain.

Comment Senior debt gets paid first (usually) (Score 1) 425

If a company goes bankrupt, bondholders are among the last people to get their debts paid - payroll, suppliers, bank lines-of-credit, and retirees all get paid before bondholders see a dime.

I think you may be confusing bond holders with shareholders. Shareholders are the last to get paid in the event of a bankruptcy. Bondholders, particularly secured bondholders, are normally among the first in line to get paid in most cases because they some form of seniority claims. Typically the terms for bonds place them pretty close to the front of the line to get paid, usually in front of most if not all of the creditors you mentioned. I can assure you from first hand experience with the Delphi bankruptcy that suppliers are nowhere near the front of the line (we got screwed along with many others) and certainly not in front of most bond holders. Bank lines of credit would not generally be in front of bondholders either, particularly if they are unsecured lines of credit. Employees and retirees also typically do not have a senior claim to company assets over bond holders though sometimes they do.

GM did effectively go bankrupt.

GM didn't effectively go bankrupt. They DID go bankrupt.

Comment Re:Good (Score 5, Insightful) 414

No you want it so that only criminals can have guns.

Because for some reason you just can not comprehend the absolute fact that criminals and Evil-doers do not obey laws.

Want proof that gun bans do not work? My proof is simple.. Chicago and NYC. The criminals have all the guns they want, some of them are 100% illegal already, like AK-47 fully automatic. Your precious gun bans 'dont stop those from being in the hands of criminals... So why do you think more of them will help?

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