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Comment Re:Oh Please (Score 3, Interesting) 256

" From a purely genetic standpoint there is no benefit to monogamy for a strong male."

From a genetic standpoint Monogomy is a disadvantage for a strong male. A strong male should be humping everything in sight to spread his genetics far and wide.

That is how it works in nature. A male lion has a pride of females for this exact reason.

Comment Re:Who'll bet against... (Score 2) 289

And yet no-name 50GB bluray writable discs still cost $4 EACH! And it wasn't long ago that it was many times that, and remained that for years. THAT is why it had no future as a general file storage medium. Not enough bang for the buck.

Meanwhile, blank NAME BRAND 4.7GB DVD's are $0.22 Even per GB, that is still half the cost. New formats need to be at least as cheap on a per GB, if not significant less expensive. Plus they need to be much faster and at least as reliable.

I suspect if Sony is involved in this new "next gen" crap, it will contain tons of artificial DRM licensing crap (even if not used for plain data storage) and industry price-fixing to keep the price up and it will fail, again.

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