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Comment Re:Don't see the big deal (Score 1) 372

Yes, yes it does sound like the Apple approach. Which is largely disapproved of on /.

Don't buy it is fantastic advice. I wasn't going to buy it in any case, but now thanks to this article, I have it in the back of my head to be sure to recommend that others do not buy it either.

So, to paraphrase...

"You don't like this article? Well then don't fucking comment on it then."

Comment Re:6 spinoffs (Score 1) 185

Seriously. This complaint is so tired.

Excel? PowerPoint? Even "Word" isn't all that informative. Flash, Acrobat, Java, etc, etc. And these are the ones that everyone's mother might have heard of.

If someone cares enough to try an application they aren't familiar with, they'll probably hear about these alternatives and add them to their vocabulary. I've never once overheard someone actually complain or become confused by a name that wasn't in the form of "[Application Domain] [Verb]", *except* on forums.

Next up, lets complain about KDE, Gnome and Apple all putting K, G, or an 'i' in front of all their apps (and conveniently ignore the ones that don't use that convention to appear to make an insightful point.

Comment Re:There wouldn't be any of this (Score 2) 300

The cartels are already dealing in these things. My thinking is that there is far less of a demand for these things than recreational narcotics. Your typical pothead isn't going to say "gee, pot is legal now, I guess I'll spend my money on automatic weapons and child prostitutes instead".

Legalize pot, subsidize it for two years, and then run an ad campaign to encourage people to buy it local ("Buy American!"), if they're going to buy it. I think the cartels would be hurting pretty bad from that, at least in the short term.

Of course, none of this will happen, so its sort of a moot point. Americans are too conservative, on the average to pass these sorts of policies.

I could be wrong about all of this, but I don't really see many other people offering better suggestions.

Comment Re:There wouldn't be any of this (Score 5, Insightful) 300

Hmm. Seems to me the smugglers exist because there's a demand for their goods on the US side of the border. If those goods were legal here, the violence wouldn't be as much of an issue, and the smuggling business would become a more normal business. If there was no demand for narcotics on the US side, you'd be right about it not being our fault that smugglers exist. But there is, and they do, and so we are partially to blame.

Legalizing marijuana would be a pretty big blow to the drug cartels. The human trafficking comparison is just a logical fallacy, as narcotics and human trafficking are (as you note) different things.

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