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Comment Re:100 more will die today (Score 1) 1719

We should try to learn from history:

Yes, we should try to learn from history:

On May 18, 1927, Andrew Kehoe bombed an elementary school in Bath Township, Michigan, killing 38 children and 6 adults. He used a combination of dynamite and pyrotol.

The point I'm trying to make is twofold:
1) People can commit these kind of acts without any kind of firearms whatsoever. Rather than spending time, money, resources on costly and ineffective control measures, we should be spending this on identifying and treating individuals suffering from mental instabilities so they don't attempt this sort of act in the first place.

2) This sort of thing has happened for a long time. I'm certain some people are going to try and make a connection between this act and violent media, video games, refined sugar, etc, but the 1927 disaster indicates these things aren't always a factor in this sort of act.

Comment Re:Agree complete (Score 2) 231

"we feel this was a terrible idea and are sorry we used to think otherwise."

I understand the first part of this sentence, but I'm completely baffled by the second part.

Who is doing this saying? The government? It was a different government at the time Turing was convicted. So are they trying to say:
"we (the current government) feel this was a terrible idea and are sorry previous governments used to feel otherwise"

Why should a current government apologize for the acts of people completely unrelated to them?

Comment Re:Treaties (Score 1) 154

assuming that just because I didn't list them means they don't exist and I'm therefore wrong.

No, I'll assume you are wrong because now that you have listed them, you are, in fact, wrong:

Here's a few items you have gotten incorrect:

1) BWC is currently listed as an active treaty on the US department of state's website here. What makes you think the US withdrew?

2) I can't find any evidence that the US is exempt from the CWC. The US CWC website indicates no such exemption, and neither does wikipedia, nor the UN website on the treaty. Care to provide some evidence?

3) Withdrawing from a treaty is not the same thing as breaking it. The US gave 6 months notice of the intent to withdraw from the ABM treaty as permitted by the terms of the treaty. Saying that's the same as breaking a treaty is the equivalent to saying not paying your car lease is the same as completing the lease and returning the car.

Treaties that the US has not signed have nothing to do with the discussion, but nice attempt at moving the goalposts.

Comment Re:Modern Luddites (Score 1) 544

Or you could actually RTFA, where the author provides actual evidence that worker income & employment have not increased as fast as output over the past 60 years.

How do you account for the fact that we are producing more than ever with fewer workers?

But don't let silly things like facts get in the way of your message.

Comment Re:Here's a better idea. (Score 1) 184

Fukishima was just fine, until it was hit by a once-in-a-thousand-years disaster. ...
tornado, flood, or earthquake? Or the plants in Minnesota don't get hit with it, maybe your plant in Oregon does. Or Vermont. Or Indiana.....

WTF? Fukishima was not "just fine", nor was it hit by a once-in-a-thousand-years disaster. It was a poorly maintained plant, with a history of safety issues. Heck, in 2007 and 2008, TEPCO and the AEC released reports citing concerns over how the plant would handle a tsunami, or an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 or higher.

Fukishima was not a natural disaster. It was a man-made one due to mismanagement, self-interest, and greed.

Oh yeah, and if there are 7.0+ earthquakes or tsunami-type flooding in Minnesota or Indiana, we have much more serious concerns than a nuclear meltdown, as apparently the Apocalypse has occurred.

Comment In Other News... (Score 5, Insightful) 303

In other news:

"Some Random Moron writes: 'For my reading of email, I've hit a point where I need a PC. (For more on this see My Search for Email Clients Begins.) I initially chose a Windows 7 PC because I know Windows best. A PC is just a "personal computer". "Personal" means it is an actual physical computer, running as if it were a real computer. "Computer" means it's an actual physical computer, running as if it were a real computer. Recently, though, I've run into a dead end, as it turns out that Windows 7 doesn't support Sparrow. So I switched to a Linux PC running Ubuntu desktop 12.04. Since my main smartphone runs iOS, the options to access my mail are initially quite limited, cause I'm a moron, and don't know how to use google. Though I pretend to be a web developer, I'm entirely outside my comfort zone if there isn't a big bold "easy button" for any trivial task I attempt, even when that task has been solved, posted about, blogged about, and had software specifically written to solve my exact issue. The main problem with a PC is that you have to self-manage it. It's maybe 90% set up for you, but you need the remaining 10%. You may have to install some software, edit a config file or two and occasionally bounce (stop then restart) daemons (Linux services), after editing their config files.'"

Seriously....can't remote into a Linux server? WTF?

Comment Re:Hypocrisy, thy name is slashdot. (Score 1) 297

Uhh, you do realize that Slashdot is made up of numerous contributors, each with their own beliefs and opinions, right?

When the EU posting was made, people interested in that story responded and moderated. Similarly with this story.

Slashdot actually attracts a fairly wide spectrum of political, social and economic viewpoints....its one of the few reasons I bother reading it anymore...

Comment Re:This isn't a bad thing. (Score 1) 567

If you have a billion dollars worth of wealth that wealth costs a billion times as much in infrastructure, manpower, public services, etc than a dollar worth of wealth

Where could you possibly get such an insane idea?

So if I have a billion dollars in the bank, it costs a billion times the infrastructure of having $1 in the bank? Wow, hard drive prices must have taken a steep jump lately!

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