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Comment Re:Out of his mind (Score 1) 176

Valid point. I guess my problem with computer code as IP is: At what point does something become too trivial to matter? A shorter method, a better-laid out object, entire modules, etc. Any computer language has a finite number of combinations (within a given length) that are valid code. If you and I write the same method, who decides if you wrote it first or I did?

Also, to be fair, I'm coming at this from the standpoint of a math major, not a business major. From a math standpoint, once a routine is written and it works in the most efficient manner, it should never have to be written again. For me to argue that it's mine when you have the same code only forces you to rewrite in a less-efficient way.

Comment Re:Out of his mind (Score 2, Insightful) 176

"So even if he is the original author of the software, (he carries the details and inspiration in his head), and the software came out of his mind, he is still a criminal for telling/selling his idea to someone else."

Yep. As long as he was being paid by GS to write that code, it belongs to them. I know that most programmers don't like this idea, but that's the way IP works in this world. I think it sucks too. But from a business perspective, how else do they "get an edge" on their competitors, if they have the same software?

Comment Re:US Not Seeking Goldman Charges (Score 1) 176

"Are we all missing something? Is there some different and higher standard of triple- and quadruple-lying that applies to bank CEOs but not to baseball players?"

Yes. As long as "corporations are people" and can line the coffers of Congress' re-election funds, they won't be called on anything. This is why corporations are NOT people.

Comment Glad I'm not using Windows (Score 1) 671

Not trying to be snarky, but I'm glad I don't have a horse in this race. While Apple has incorporated some iOS features back into OS X, they haven't forced the tablet UI on all the desktop users. And what features they have incorporated (like LaunchPad) are ignorable for those that don't want them.

Keep pushing MS and they will capitulate, guys. I am sure you will win.

Comment Re:yes and no (Score 2) 521

Why does this piss you off? And is it the locking out of other OS's from Apple's hardware, or the fact that no one seemed to care, that's upset you?

When Apple licensed the Mac OS back in the 90's it hurt what little business Apple did have. Apple is, and has always been, a system provider, meaning hardware+software. While selling the Mac OS to run on non-Mac hardware has been tossed around for years, it will never happen since Apple wouldn't sell enough copies to stay in business by selling hardware that can be replaced with a cheap PC.

If you want to run a non-Apple OS on a Mac, that's been possible since 2006.

Comment Why I quit school (Score 1) 715

As an older coder, I tried to finish my bachelor's several years ago, until I flashed on the fact that I would be competing with a bunch of 20-somethings for the available positions. An older adult, even a male, has a snowball's chance of getting a cutting-edge IT job in the current atmosphere.

Comment I'm still a hacker (Score 1) 446

I'm still a "hacker" 25 years after getting my first computer, studying data processing and computer science, and writing and maintaining software. I never cared for the term "software engineer." Back when I started, "hacker" wasn't a bad word. A good "hack" meant a great prank, or a really cool or elegant solution to a difficult programming problem. It was also used by hardware folks, since most of us could take our computers apart and put them back together ourselves.

Professionally I have always used the word "programmer.". People in IT and management both respect the word, and you don't sound like you are trying to make yourself some titled position, like "sanitation engineer" instead of "garbage man."

Comment Saw this yesterday (Score 1) 225

I liked the film, honestly. I took my dad, who likes westerns, and he enjoyed it also. Granted, the mcguffin (aliens want our gold!) was stupid, but otherwise the film's action held up. I liked that Harrison Ford's character was given some depth instead of him being the town asshole through the whole movie. Daniel Craig's character was also more complex than needed for an action film, which was nice.

Someone had told me this was based on a graphic novel. Is that not the case? Judging from the complaints about the "8 writers" I guess not. I had attributed the poor mcguffin to the source material.

Comment Re:the "true Scotsman" fallacy (Score 1) 760

Merely protesting doesn't make one a Boomer. It's WHAT you protested that mattered.

There was a core set of beliefs that the counter-culture Boomers shared, and it was NOT that the Vietnam war was good, it wasn't supporting Republicans, it wasn't supporting the spending on war machines.

And please, don't bring out the tired "birther" nonsense. No matter what proof those idiots are shown, they say it isn't good enough, while at the same time Orly Taits keeps producing "Kenyan" birth certificates that have repeatedly been proven to be forgeries. He's President of the United States. Get over it.

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