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Comment Better alternative: c't Yagi antenna (Score 1) 146

German c't magazine recently published an interesting design for a directional WiFi antenna (about 9 dBi gain) which can be built from materials lying around in most households (not in mine, though - unless someone invents an antenna made out of discarded pizza cartons):

Example (he should have been more careful with the length and spacing of the wires)
The original article in c't (German)

Doesn't do much good for 11n, though, as that standard uses several antennas and the signal processing algorithms are optimized to use their specific characteristics.

Comment Re:So in 2047... (Score 1) 124

> The only problem is they're both working on it and not working on it at the same time

I imagine this poses one hell of a problem for middle management when it comes to year-end reviews. I don't know, do they put their developers into boxes containing poison gas flasks linked to geiger counters in order to determine who's slacking off and who's actually working?

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