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Submission + - SCALE Announces 2008 Speaker Line Up (

An anonymous reader writes: SCALE has announced its speaker line up for 2008. Speakers will include Don Marti, Josh Berkus (Postgres), Bdale Garbee (HP), Jono Bacon, and others. In addition to the recently announced speaker line up, registration is now open and available online. SCALE will be held Feb 8 -10, 2008 at the Los Angeles Airport Westin in Los Angeles California.

Submission + - Perl is 20!

ChurchyardTX writes: "According to Wikipedia:

Larry Wall began work on Perl in 1987, while working as a programmer at Unisys, and released version 1.0 to the comp.sources.misc newsgroup on December 18, 1987.

Happy Birthday, old friend..."

Submission + - A short history of Microsoft's OOXML ISO campaign (

christian.einfeldt writes: "Russell Ossendryver is the open format advocate whose open letter to the GNOME Foundation touched off a widespread debate about whether and to what extent GNOME is supporting Microsoft's drive for ISO status for its OOXML office productivity data format. Now, Ossendryver has published the first in a concise three-part series aimed at examining Microsoft's strategy in opposing ODF's rapid growth as an open international data standard. It is not news that Microsoft has vigorously lobbied to have its OOXML standard supplant ODF, the current international office productivity data format standard, such as its recent efforts to halt the adoption of ODF by the Dutch Parliament. But Ossendryver's summary gives a bird's eye overview of that history, based on his extensive involvement in those debates as a long-time member of the OpenDocument Fellowship."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Watson is 16% Black ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: James Watson, a Nobel-prize winning scientist who has been in hot water lately over racist remarks and one of the few people whose genome has been sequenced, has just found out that his own DNA is 16% African. Dr. Watson said he was "inherently gloomy about the prospects for Africa" because "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really".
Operating Systems

Submission + - SCALE 6X Announces Registration and Speakers (

irabinovitch writes: "Registration for SCALE 6X, the 2008 Southern California Linux Expo, opened on Monday night. The community run linux and open-source conference will hold its 6th annual event on Feb 8 — 10, 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. In addition to registration, the first set of speakers and exhibitors was announced. Exhibits will include demos from groups such as IBM, Novell, Plain Black, Debian, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Gentoo, and others. Those interested in speaking still have time to submit an abstract to the call for papers which will close on November 30th. With a strong speaker and exhibitor line up as well as an expanded selection of mini-conferences, SCALE 6X should be the best year yet!"

Submission + - Gel changing color in a second

Roland Piquepaille writes: "MIT researchers have developed gels which can change colors almost instantaneously when they're exposed to a variety of stimuli, such as temperature, pressure or humidity. These gels could be used to design inexpensive sensors. For example, these gel-based sensors could be useful in a food processing plant to 'indicate whether food that must remain dry has been overly exposed to humidity.' Now the researchers are working on a gel which would change color in response of electricity. Read more for additional references and a picture of these colorful polymers."
User Journal

Journal SPAM: SoCal Burned for Iraq 3

U.S. needs to keep fire tanker funding
Oakland Tribune, Nov 27, 2005

WHILE trying to slash billions of dollars from the federal budget to help cover the costs of the Iraq war and Hurricane Katrina, the Bush administration wants to cut funding, a move that would ground much of the federal fire-fighting tanker fleet.

This would be a bad idea.


Submission + - Slashdot Reverses Facts about Radiohead 1

Apro+im writes: The popular news aggregation website, Slashdot today reported that the new Radiohead album, In Rainbows was pirated more than it was procured via legitimate means, setting off a flurry of speculation on their online discussion board as to the implications of this "fact". Strangely overlooked in much of the discussion, however, was the fact that the article they linked contained the exact opposite information, stating:

"The file was downloaded about 100,000 more times each day — adding up to more than 500,000 total illegal downloads. That's less than the 1.2 million legitimate online sales of the album reported by the British Web site"
Questions about what this implies about Slashdot's editorial practices and readership remain unanswered.

Submission + - RIAA loses counterclaim lawsuit (

An anonymous reader writes: This is the case in which the Court had sustained 5 of the 6 counterclaims interposed by Ms. Del Cid.

The court sustained defendant's counterclaims for

-trespass to defendant's personal property based on the RIAA's having accessed files on Ms. Del Cid's computer without her permission,
-violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act based on the RIAA's unauthorized intrusion into defendant's computer,
-violation of Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act,
-a declaratory judgment of non-infringement, and
-conspiracy to commit extortion, since defendant sufficiently alleged "a peculiar power of coercion possessed by Plaintiffs [by] virtue of their combination, which an individual alone would not possess".

The Internet

Submission + - FBI orders domain deleted

An anonymous reader writes: FBI orders domain deleted

Today the FBI had the domain removed from the root servers. Why? A DNS server for a subdomain was hacked and was delegating to other subdomains which were hosting porn. That problem was fixed in mid-September. The federal reaction shows significant latency.

As the caches around the internet age out, email etc. are going to stop. Phone calls and email to get the problem fixed at were answered by a secretary type answering the phone and she was reading from a script. The root server entries went away approx. 2:15 PDT, and Washington D.C. has gone home. There are over 640 California domains that will not be reachable once the DNS caches time out.

At 6:00 PDT someone at GSA was reportedly pushing out a correction, although the typical BIND cache interval of 3 hours.
The Internet

Submission + - Feds delete domains by SNAFU

gnulinux4me writes: The GSA General Services Administration (GSA) website for domain name registration for the U.S. government deleted the domain. How are the Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger fans going to get updates on his latest escapades if they can't access A WHOIS search earlier today reported the status of as denied\deleted which has recently changed to a status of active. This is the only info I can find on the Internet:
The Internet

Submission + - Domain Registry of America Scam

eefsee writes: "In 2003 the Domain Registry of America was cited by the FTC for its deceptive practices. They got into similar hot water for a renewal scam in Canada. This company is still at it today, though. They send out deceptive "Domain Name Expiration Notice" up to six months before most domains expire, making it seem that the domain needs to be renewed within the month and charging four times the typical market price for this renewal. I usually just toss these "notices," but my mom almost signed her domains over to these clowns. I just got another "Domain Name Expiration Notice" from DROA today and I'm getting fed up. Who do you think I should tell? My state attorney general? The FTC? They've been down that road before and seem none the worse for wear. Any ideas of how to get these folks shut down?"
United States

Submission + - Driving 'privalege' unconstitutional?

JoeSilva writes: If one accepts that the US Constitution affirms Government only has the powers that it's citizens grant it, then what is this claim by the states that driving is a privalage granted by them? There is certainly good cause to grant the government regulatory powers over the use of motor vehicles and over our rights of way, for the common welfare, but government claiming driving is a privalage it grants to it's citizens seems to me counter to our constitutional ideals. What say you?

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