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Comment Re:Needed to be done. (Score 1) 938

So on the way to and from work I count the number of people on cell phones talking or texting. It's really SCARY!

Today I saw this guy - while driving - pull out his iPad. One hand to hold the iPad, one hand to tap and pinch. He was driving with his elbow.

I quickly - but safely - changed lanes to get the hell away from him. I hope the person he will soon rear-end will be OK and is in need of a new car.

Comment Re:Trickle down? (Score 4, Interesting) 434

"As for FB, my bet is still that it goes the way of MySpace before too long."

I'm hoping for something more mature, but the internet has this way of recycling ideas...

"There was a kind of ghostly teenage DNA at work in the Sprawl,
something that carried the coded precepts of various short-lived
sub cults and replicated them at odd intervals."

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