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Submission + - How to grow a one man start up?

Gob Gob writes: I've developed a web based recruitment system that I have sold to a handful of clients. I support it from end to end from software development, to help desk to sales. Now I have taken on a few new clients who are more demanding in terms of support. I'm one the cusp of taking it from a lifestyle business to needing to get serious about taking on a few people to run the business.

Being a start up cash is short and so is time. I am tempted to get a sales person and leave me to code but worried that no one can sell the product as well as I can. Alternately I was looking to make relationships with people with similar businesses so that we could pool support and cover for each other.

How did you grow a one man start up into an empire? Where do you put the budget sales, development or support? What are the risks?

Comment Re:You'd think... (Score 1) 448

Just an idea - if you tax and legalise a gateway drug like marijuana you make it a "big step" for kids to go from being kids to addicts without being part of your gateway.

Most kids don't take up smoking these days because they get education that says - its a fucking mindless idea to smoke - because educators can talk about that with authority. Give educators the same powers with weed and you go from seeing drugs as "I'll just try a joint cos its like a strong cigarette" to "wft? I have to take a pill that some junkie made or put some hardcore up my nose???"

Its only hardcore because kids experience gateway drugs which build up the expectation of a high and in some cases have addictive personalties that lead them into the deeper world of drugs.

Sorry to spoil your point but I just couldn't help myself....

Comment Re:It's Called 'Experience'! (Score 1) 609

Did they come to you (or you to them) asking for a brief? Did you answer their questions? Did you give them specific advice on what they should look out for in the CV?

Hey if you said some specifics and HR over looked them then sure, go nuts (because you reviewed their brief right?). But if you didn't and expected them to "know" then the blame is on you.

(I'm not insinuating either way)

Comment Re:It's Called 'Experience'! (Score 1) 609

"...hire attitude not skills...."

Now I say this with an expectation that the candidate has requisite core skills (or at least partially and the rest are in the team that they work with).

Any day of the week I would hire a person with a genuine passion for what they do (and a certain amount of grounding) over a stale, set in their ways, experienced person. If the fire is out its out.

If you teach & mentor someone from the start you end up with a committed and talented colleague.

Comment Re:You know what they say (Score 1) 193

Day of Defeat: dod_charlie

Its is a map of a Normandy beach where the Allies start off in the water and the Axis are in fortified positions. Its carnage. You spawn in water, take a step, take a bullet. Die.

Video games a the only way to experience taking a bullet in such a horrific encounter that is akin to a real experience but "do-able" in a mass education format.

Comment You would expect working wireless broadband.. (Score 1) 389

I have used fedora for years then switched to Ubuntu. This is on a bunch of laptops for me and colleagues.

Wireless broadband didn't work in 7.x could get it in 8.4 with great amount of effort, out of the box in 8.10, fucked it again in 9.04 and had to fix it manually with usb_modswitch, fucked that up again in 9.10.

This is a Telstra series 7 (Australia's largest ISP) USB modem.

In the work sense you can imagine how crap Linux looks when it works, then not, then click the icon, no wait run this script, no now you can right click the system tray, no wait Apps->Internet-> Gnome PPP...!

If companies like Canonical / Ubuntu really want Linux to be adopted then they need to stop users have things that are crucial to the user experience (of a netbook) break just because the user - quite rightly - clicked "Update".

I love Linux but there are pleanty of other OS's I could use if I didn't need working Internet access. :-)

Comment Re:Geeks Prefer Competence To Niceness (Score 1) 300

"Who..saves the server when things break? The guy that knows what he's doing. He may feel like a hero afterward but mostly he just feels pissed off that he had to do it at all. ..."

Isn't that their job? The one they were hired for? The one they accept payment for?

Feel like a hero? Isn't that called professional pride in the real world?

It sounds like you are in the wrong job if you don't understand why meetings are for listening as well as speaking.


Submission + - New AES attack documented

avxo writes: Bruce Schneier covers a new cryptanalytic related-key attack on AES that is better than brute force with a complexity of 2^119. According to an e-mail by the authors: 'We also expect that a careful analysis may reduce the complexities. As a preliminary result, we think that the complexity of the attack on AES-256 can be lowered from 2^119 to about 2^110.5 data and time. We believe that these results may shed a new light on the design of the key-schedules of block ciphers, but they pose no immediate threat for the real world applications that use AES.'

Comment 200,000 Resumes (Score 1) 438

I've written a recruitment app that has 200k resumes and other types of folder indexed in text.

The files live on the disk in /TYPE/YEAR/MONTH and are converted to text and inserted into MySQL database.

They can be searched on name, date record id, free text, type, etc, etc; or just browsed to on disk.

The front end is PHP on MySQL.

These were imported from a files on disk approach.

It can scale with master slave replication, etc. Just keeping it simple helps.


Submission + - How to make your ideas work.

Gob Gob writes: What do you do when the app has grown with you? I have written a business app for a growing multinational business services company. It is very effective in its space and selling the software could be a very viable business (which I am able to do with the company's full support). The problem lies in the fact that the code has grown with my skills. What started as a hack around a PHP hand-me-down has become the CRM, Invoicing, Payroll, Web Site, Email, SMS, etc, etc all in one. The problem is that this application has some very crappy code and no one can support it but me. I do not want to drop my focus on new features and delivering to the user base to do house work on the code but I can't really see me getting the software to market when I am the only one who can understand the amateurish components which comprise some of the beginings of a very large app.

Comment Re:You can't win if you don't play (Score 1) 474

"Contrary to what you seem to think, the employer/employee relationship goes both ways, and finding and keeping good employees is just as important for you as finding a good job is for them."

No offence but the world is in recession. Nice one dickhead. Finally the attitude that there are employers begging for people to work is gone!


(Oh and thanks for the US banking system for fucking up the world...wankers)

* dickhead is a soft term where I come from

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