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Comment the BBB is worthlless (Score 4, Informative) 385

you don't even have to reincorporate somewhere else to pull that scam off. The BBB makes money from businesses paying them for "accreditation" and they don't make money from consumers. Their bias is obvious.

Here in SoCal there is a construction fraud gang that seems to mostly be run by a Moroccan/Israeli family named Ben Shulsh. I tried to report their most recent front company (Erco Construction) to the BBB and they would even bother to even look at it. They publicly list the same front people, and they are at the same business address as their last front company (Highrise construction) and 2 miles from the front companies before that (BC Specialty Construction, Bashan and Allied). The BBB only changed the the rating on BC from A+ to F *after* they had robbed everybody, folded up shop and when into hiding for a few weeks. This despite complaints going back months.

I wouldn't put any stock in the BBB or its rating of anything. They are just there to collect the accreditation fees.

Comment Re:DVR (Score 1) 753

If you have a "normal" DVR then you are part of a sort of stealth nielsen household. Obviously they know how you use your DVR or they wouldn't know that it accounts for 33% more viewers. My cable company can totally tell what channel I'm currently tuned to and if I have something recording on the DVR. It goes without saying that they store that info and sell it to the upstream providers.

Even if you haven't seen these particular eyecatches I'm sure you've seen the technique of going to commercial just at cliffhanger and then doing a 30 or even 15 second ad and right back. This is the networks messing with you.

Comment Re:DVR (Score 1) 753

It almost seems like the terrible scheduling of Dollhouse on Friday night (when their audience is not home) is part of an experiment. Probably less than half of the people that see it are watching in real time. So flipping through the commercials. Show business a business.

How do you make money? Eureka uses aggressive product placement and tries to smirk at itself about it (this sort of works). Have you noticed the Dollhouse eyecatches (do they call them that here?) they come right out and say "dollhouse will return in xx seconds". At least with my DVR a 60-90 second break isn't really worth zipping though, you overshoot and spend more time rewinding back than it's worth. So I watch the ad. When they don't do the eyecatch you know you are in for a local station break of ~7 minutes of crap about shamwow and restless legs that you can zap at will.

Not *all* the people at these networks are stupid. Hell, Rupert Murdoch is far from stupid himself.

Comment Re:Dollhouse is no Firefly (Score 1) 753

FWIW, Dushku is not the Summer Glau equivalent. She's a fairly known actress. She's "Mal". The Glau effect is someone you've never seen before that looks like nobody you've ever seen before. Someone that causes brain lock when she first shows on screen. IS she pretty? Is she too wierd looking to be pretty? Is she an alien or some sort of android from the future? Does she have an interocitor in her dressing room?

That's clearly Dichen Lachman.


Battlestar Galactica DVD Movie In the Works? 202

Philias writes "Although Battlestar Galactica has been going down in ratings and has yet to get picked up for another season, the sales of its DVDs has got Universal thinking of a Direct-To-Video Movie. GeekMonthly.com is reporting that plans are afoot for a film that will bridge the gap between Galactica and the new spinoff 'Caprica.' The film would be shot in March during the usual hiatus between seasons. The big difference between this and the mini-series and other seasons would be that this would be sold on DVD before being aired on the SciFi channel."
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Journal Journal: So Why Do I troll Muslums?

Some people like to eat to 120k resistors, others like to have sex with Catholic nuns - I myself like to troll on slashdot - yes, it is an odd thing to do, but it is my hobby.

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