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Comment Formants (Score 1) 318

Ah, but you want those resonance frequencies, or formants. Both for a particular sound color and also to cut through other sounds. The well known "singer's formant" centers around the highest F# on the piano. Opera singers train and train to punch up this harmonic across the actual range of sung notes. There is a hole in the sound frequencies of the entire orchestra that will allow the singer to be heard even while other "louder" instruments are playing.

Also the varnish may be as important as the source wood in trating the wood to get this evenness of density.


Battlestar Galactica DVD Movie In the Works? 202

Philias writes "Although Battlestar Galactica has been going down in ratings and has yet to get picked up for another season, the sales of its DVDs has got Universal thinking of a Direct-To-Video Movie. is reporting that plans are afoot for a film that will bridge the gap between Galactica and the new spinoff 'Caprica.' The film would be shot in March during the usual hiatus between seasons. The big difference between this and the mini-series and other seasons would be that this would be sold on DVD before being aired on the SciFi channel."
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Journal Journal: So Why Do I troll Muslums?

Some people like to eat to 120k resistors, others like to have sex with Catholic nuns - I myself like to troll on slashdot - yes, it is an odd thing to do, but it is my hobby.
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Journal Journal: spimes

A friend pointed me to the "95 Theses of Geek Activism" at

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