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Comment Re:Bosses earn too much (Score 2, Interesting) 1018

Hmmm. I call bullshit. As a consultant at a small technical consultancy, I can't tell you how many times some so-called-risk-taking-good-businessman type has asked us to completely bare the full burden of risk by building applications to run their not-so-great business plans - for free.

That might be genius on their part in a business sense, but don't give me that crap that they are risk-takers. The only risk was getting rejected. Waaaaah to that.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 1197

While these are interesting anecdotal references, I personally have had almost exactly the same experiences with my children and myself here in the US. It's not really fair to dismiss the UK system based solely on your limited exposure.

I pay obscene amounts for my so-called "cadillac" plan (that still requires me to pay %10-20 per incident, BTW), and the run-around that my wife and I got from the insurance company after our daughter was hospitalized was inexcusable. Now, it's also not fair for me to judge the US system based on my limited exposure, but it seems to me that I should be getting noticeably better care than one would get in the UK based on how much I pay for it. It would appear as though I am not (based on our individual experiences). At the very least, as a consumer, I am clearly not the one being served.

Comment It's the money, stupid (Score 1) 269

Prior to "Y2K", I saw far too many mediocre "consultants" make more money than God by spreading FUD about the possibility that your software would 'esplode on midnight 1/1/2000. Were there systems that would be affected? Sure. Back when storage and memory cost money, the amount of space used by data was an issue that could not be ignored, and that led to decisions in system design that caused the issue. Heck, who thought that any single piece of software would still be relevant 20 years after it was written? But, so-called experts came out of the woodwork to "help" businesses through the non-crisis by charging them huge rates.

But, to have this really happen on "modern" systems seems unacceptable to me. I half expect to see another new breed of "expert" consultant who specializes in reviewing all of your code to make sure you are next-year compliant.

Of course, maybe I'm just envious that I didn't capitalize on that feeding frenzy in the first place....


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