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Comment Re:Sounds just like Microsoft (Score 1) 245

Don't forget H.264 is a proprietary, patent encumbered video codec and Microsoft directly profits from this as a member of the MPEGLA licensing pool.
One should view this in the perspective of a larger effort by key MPEGLA members (notably, Apple and Microsoft) attempting to stop the adoption of an open and relatively patent free video codec becoming a web standard in HTML5. Many measures are being applied including the usual FUD about any competing open codecs.

Competing browsers manufacturers / platforms are trying to avoid patent problems and proprietary technology and keep the web open (Mozilla, Opera) whilst Microsoft and Apple are trying to extend HTML with Patent encumbered formats (in which they have a financial interest!) which if they get heavily adopted will mean their browser/platforms will have a commercial advantage over competitors that are sticking to the open and patent free standards.

Of course it's in Microsoft's interests to push easy playback of the proprietary H.264 format on it's Desktop computer monopoly! Microsoft directly profit from H.264 becoming the HTML5 default format as they are still charging licensing fees related to aspects of the H.264 ecosystem *and* they get more lock-in to the windows platform making it harder for competitors to break the monopoly.

Comment Re:Lot of trouble (Score 1) 182

I wish it was just a matter of wanting to get rid of flash but the codec issue really bothers me as it's a clear conflict of interest on Apples part and I feel it rather weakens Apple's position in terms of who holds the high ground.

Jobs is shouting about how flash is proprietary and non-open and how he's all about HTML5 which is a standard and open.
Which makes people think he's really great and all about the standards and open-ness but actually he's been trying to push H.264 which is patent encumbered with a number of charges and restrictions and which apple profits from as a member of MPEGLA, whilst at the same time trying to prevent the adoption of and spreading vague FUD about other potential options for video codecs.

Not that I like Flash, it totally sucks, but at least Adobe aren't trying to screw up the HTML5 spec with patent encumbered codecs they profit from!

Comment Re:Need a better client-side scripting language (Score 1) 141

Reflect on a few facts:

* The most popular method of adding concurrency to a language is to add threaded/shared-memory style concurrency, which is really really really hard to use without introducing subtle bugs, race-conditions and deadlock - even if you are an expert programmer.

* Most people writing Javascript are not expert programmers, many are not even that familiar with Javascript.

* With flash disabled, it is currently hard for a web page to max out more than 1 CPU core per page by accident.

Think about those facts long and hard - and then be thankful for the delay in introducing concurrency to Javascript.

Comment Re:Let me see if I've got this right... (Score 4, Informative) 186

It's true flash is a lot more stable these days, particularly with the release of flash 10.1

Just the odd browser issue here and there:
Like it causes IE to crash very frequently on some computers
and Firefox to crash very frequently on some computers
and then of course there was the Safari crashing problems
and it crashes some computers with hardware acceleration enabled (the default setting)
and it causes all browsers to crash on some computers when you try to activate a webcam
and of course it crashes chrome a lot too on some computers (also remember the Adobe flash uninstaller doesn't work on chrome now, so need to uninstall in two ways)

But I'm sure your right, I haven't for instance seen anyone complain of flash crashing safari on the iPhone. oh wait....

Comment Re:Isn't this business-101 ? (Score 3, Insightful) 789

* Apple have invested a huge amount of effort in getting UIKit up and running. They think they've got the best interface out there for touch.

Apple hasn't mandated the use of UIKit so this point is pretty moot. Lot's of developers port desktop C apps to the iphone, particularly games and there is no requirement to use UIKit and quality control of native iphone Apps is nearly non-existant.

        * If Adobe (or whomever) want to produce cross-platform build tools (ie: write for one platform, target another), they can only target the lowest common denominator of all those platforms or provide spotty coverage.

If the apps are crap and unpopular and don't bring anything to the party why would Apple be worried?

        * Even if they do provide coverage for everything in Cocoa-Touch, when will support arrive ?

When will support arrive in HTML5 for everything in cocoa touch? does that mean apple shouldn't support web based apps?

      * If Adobe want to play, they need to bring something that excites the user-base.

Why, is that necessary when they meet all the current ToS, and other companies release crap iphone apps and aren't punished?

Comment Firefox basically lagging technically (Score 1) 1124

Firefox doesn't have the responsiveness of either Safari, Chrome or Opera, neither does it have the superior one-process-per-tab model of Chrome.
Firefox on linux has particularly sucky performance and some awful problems that haven't been fixed for years. It's so bad, your stand a better chance with the chrome beta.

But I can see how switching to one of the most complained about GUI layouts of recent times may successfully distract people from Firefox's other flaws :)

Comment Re:what do you think? (Score 0, Redundant) 347

By this definition of faith everything I don't believe in and yet lack a scientific proof that proves it's non-existance means I have "Faith". This certainly makes me a man of a million faiths!

To start with I would like to take this opportunity to declare my faith in the "non-existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster".

Comment Re:Apple cannot block and it's not illegal (Score 1) 338

Apple can't block it on the current version of itunes, but they could change the handshaking/syncing code in every upgrade to itunes. And boy does that app get frequent updates!
If necessary they could even force firmware updates onto ipods if people wish to sync with the latest version of itunes.

In fact apple could even break the palm integration unintentionally.

Comment Re:Should be easy in the UK. (Score 1) 382

I'm not sure you understand how things work over here in the UK.

If people start using TrueCrypt volumes they'll change the law to assume everyone has a Truecrypt volume and if you can't give them access to it they'll throw you in prison to join the murderers, paedophiles and the people who forgot their winzip decryption password.

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